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Reviews For Filson Jacket 10003 TN

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Average Customer Review
24 out of 26 people found this product review helpful.
To me this is funny looking material, but...
By: Mia
To me this is funny looking material, but to my husband, it is the best! He says it keeps him warm and dry, and it's the kind of coat that you keep forever. All I know is he loves his.
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22 out of 27 people found this product review helpful.
The best there is...
By: VT Woodsman
I enjoy this coat on cold mornings hunting on my Vermont estate. I've worn it in the worst weather and it has never let me down. Sure its a hair pricey, but well worth it.
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19 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
This Filson jacket is really nice. It is so...
By: Mark C
This Filson jacket is really nice. It is so comfortable and looks great on. I really like how durable the fabric is. This working person's store is the best.
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19 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
Filson jacket favorite hunting gear...
By: Ed Feilding
This Filson jacket is my favorite hunting jacket. The color is great and it keeps me warm while I'm out in the woods. This is a top quality jacket. Plenty of pocket room. It's a jacket that just gets better with use.
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18 out of 22 people found this product review helpful.
Excellent for keeping dry and warm. Every sportsman...
By: Lars Mc Fadden
Excellent for keeping dry and warm. Every sportsman should have this coat.
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11 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
I like this fine quality at a affordable...
By: Jacob A.
I like this fine quality at a affordable price. The Filson people know what a serious outdoor man wants.
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10 out of 10 people found this product review helpful.
Nice and greasy....
By: aflex
Got this Filson jacket as a gift from my folks a few years. It's the only reason I would have something like this since it's beyond my normal price range that I would pay for a non-leather / non-suit jacket. But it's not without good reasons that it costs over three hundred bucks. First of all, the fabric is very unique. Filson is probably the only brand that I've seen that carries anything in this material. The tin cloth is a sort of a stiffer, tougher cotton duck material, which is nothing special in itself, but what makes it special is that the jacket is all but drenched in oil off the rack. The oil serves as a water repellent, but you'll feel like you're covered in the oil when you wear it for the first two or three months, since the oil covers the fabric inside and out. Anything you put in your pocket will come out oily as well. It came with a little tin of Filson's Oil Finish Wax, so you can reapply it when it wears off. I've only lightly brushed on the wax on the outer surface of the jacket, since I prefer my jacket like my fries. Greasy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I love my Filson jacket, and highly recommend giving it a shot if you're thinking about it.
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8 out of 9 people found this product review helpful.
so many pockets!...
By: brianeugne
It really doesn't get much better than this. Incredible attention to detail, durable, waterproof, stylish, etc. I don't hunt, but I still find uses for all the pockets (even the game pocket!). This Filson jacket can be worn year round with correct layering. With proper care, it will last a lifetime.
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7 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
Stiff, tough, waterproof, and looks good...
By: jalp
The fabric is stiff when you first wear it, and you kinda need to break it in. After you've worn it a bit though, it's quite comfy, and the jacket just keeps looking better and better the more it's worn. Very good at keeping you dry as well, no matter the conditions, it just keeps going and going.
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Great all weather jacket, for about 1 year of use....
By: Div Manula
I have been wearing Filson products for years. Logging in WA/OR/AK as well as fishing in AK Commercially and living in Colorado. I enjoy them in most any weather, very versatile. They do wear in the arms and cuffs if you use them daily. As for warranty, holes and rips can be fixed but it seems the company has a limit to the times they will repair or replace. Love the product, but they are not bullet proof. The advertisements make you believe you will be passing them down to future generations. If you use your coat and work in it, it will at best last one year before holes in the arms and pockets emerge.
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Still the best Tin coat on the market...
By: hookturn
I've had my Filson for about 8 years now. I worked heavy construction and work this jacket daily except in the summer heat. Hard to say enough about this product. It resists getting caught on, nails sticking out, tie wire ends, rebar cuts, form oil, concrete splatter, mud, rain, snow, wind and about anything else you can think of.
The cloth collar is especially nice, no scrapped flesh on the neck with this collar, and it is actually warming when turned up. This is a real plus as the jacket didn't have this in the past and would just rub my neck raw. The jacket is stiff as any tin coat, and the arms tend to shrink up after while. They don't actually shrink but with use the arm creases tend to stay and because of this the wrist area moves upward. There's really no way to stop this. I suppose you could use a blow dryer every morning before work and flatten out the arms but what's the sense? They don't ride up too far.
The one thing I don't like, the only thing, is trying to do a re-wax job. This has to be done at least once a year if your wearing the jacket daily, because the jacket will start to leak at the seams and allow moisture in around the arm pits, back and arms, also the cloth itself will start to get wet.
Re-waxing was trial and error for me. I did not clean, wash or do anything to the jacket except using a wet rag wiped off exterior dirt and what not.
The cans of wax are not large and it takes more that one to do a full job. I found that a blow dryer on hot, and doing small areas at a time worked the best. I melted the wax and using a small paint brush and the blow dryer, painted the wax on. I did the seams first, then the body of the jacket (back, shoulders, front, arms). I allowed the wax to set up and then did it again.
These applications almost got me through an entire year. Other than re-waxing nothing needs be done with this fantastic jacket. I gave it a 4 because of the re-waxing. If I could have worn it for all the years I've had it without a re-wax, I would have gotten a 10+++
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A once in a lifetime jacket...
By: Milton Washington lll
This jacket is truly a once in a lifetime find.It has kept me warm and dry in the most difficult conditions...Alaska, need I say more.While hunting there we were in rain most of the day and in bitter cold toward dark and then rain and cold.But this jacket held up totally.

Thanks Working Person's Store, for a great product at a great price.
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Filson Jacket: Men's Tan 10003 TN Tin Cloth Field Jacket

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