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Reviews For Wigwam Socks S1221 052

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Average Customer Review
6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Still wearing them...
By: hockegod12
I bought these socks two years ago on a sale, and have been extremely satisfied. I bought two packs in order not to wear them out and I haven't. I work 24-hour shifts, and they last. They are comfortable, they do no fall down my calf, even after two years and 100's of washes. They are definitely at the top of my list when time to buy new.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Cushy work socks...
By: teampryor
Super cushy work socks. Wigwam sure put the material in these socks. They are very soft yet supportive, stay up all day. and appear to wear well. A bit warm on hotter days but tolerable. Can definitely recommend these for anyone that is on their feet all day. I'm always on my feet farming so I know a nice quality pair of socks when I wear them. The price of $4 a pair is enough of an incentive to give these a try. I am glad I did.
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5 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
I wear nothing else...
By: KatetheGreat
Every three years I buy three 3-packs of these socks. The elastic is tighter than I like but it relaxes after a couple years so my oldest ones are my favorites. This time I will try putting them on plywood stretchers and putting them in the oven at a low temperature to degrade the elastic. Even ancient, these socks don't fall down!
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5 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
I like these socks, but they don't keep...
By: Travis
I like these socks, but they don't keep my feet as dry as the other socks I've bought (F222 on this site). But these are just fine for working a shift and then kicking back for a couple hours.
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4 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
Decent Socks...
By: ScreamingChicken21
I like to buy a different and random pair of socks from time to time to see what's comfortable. These are the typical lower end socks. Comfortable, Yes, but amazing, no. I was surprised on how far they went up my calf. Wearing a 9.5 boot I figured I should get a large. The socks go half way up my calf which is excessive for a 6 inch boot. They fall down all day. Overall they are cheep but get the job down.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Great Socks...
By: t75asm2
I have been using these socks for about a year now and except for a little color fading they wear like they did the day I removed them the package.I purchased three packages at the same time but I have used them five to six days a week , when I feel the need add socks I'm sure to give these Wigwan Socks my business again.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Wigwam Work Socks...they work!...
By: X-Lydia
They're comfortable all year round, they're durable, they come in my size, they have cushion soles, they're made in the USA, and they come in handy three-packs. Not too pricey either. I have them in black and in white, and they're great to wear with work boots.

The only thing I don't like about these socks is that the elastic ankle is a little tight, but that does mean they don't fall down. They're more comfortable (for me) cuffed, which works under a 6" boot.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
WigWam Work socks...
By: KrisNJr
I have bought these for my son, whose a welder, for the past 2 years. He's on his feet for 10 hours a night and says his feet are the most comfortable when he wears these socks. We've tried other work socks but he prefers these to any other. I'll continue to buy them from the Working Person's Store.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Happy to find socks made in the USA...
By: Ken K.
These socks remind me of the times years ago when I was able to buy US made socks locally. Those days are gone, but fortunately, I was able to find good quality socks at that are comfortable and fit right from the first time put on. Buying American made is not just a matter of pride with me, but also a matter of preferring quality over the lower priced Chinese socks that are just terrible in fit and comfort.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Quality Work Socks...
By: Halcyon9
I've been using these for about a year, and they have been very comfortable. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are a bit tight on the shaft of the sock. To be fair, this is why these socks will not sag or slip down when you are wearing boots. Highly recommended...this is the good stuff, get them!
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Awesome! Soft, comfy, stay UP on my calf....
By: Greg H.
I LOVE these socks. They stay up all day, are super comfortable, soft, fit great. What more could you want? Oh, a great price? That's right - these ARE a great price. Get 'em NOW! You won't go wrong.
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2 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Nice socks...
By: ste1ven
Nice usa made socks, like the old days. Comfortable and not so tight like foreign made ones. I ordered more after testing them out. I have a size 12 shoe and the large size are perfect for me. Lets all try to support our fellow Americans and neighbors and try to find USA made products that are much better in most cases anyway.
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