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Customer Reviews

Wolverine Boots: Men's 3258 DuraShocks Insulated Steel Toe Wellington Boots

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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Just got these boots in the mail and...
By: Joe
Just got these boots in the mail and I'm anxious to test them out. Took a while for workingperson to get them too me because of the holidays and to be honest I never was able to actually talk to a person about my order... just emails. But I have to admit they delivered. I didn't think I would get the color shown in the picture because wolverine only advertises it in a light tan "stone" color. But sure enough when I opened the box I was pleasently surprised to see that they were the nice brown featured in the picture above. The sole is a very hard textured surface with little gripping nubs which aren't that visible in the picture. (like mini track spikes but rubber) The hardness matches that of a vibram sole. The shape of the sole has a nice rocker like heel to motion to it... I feel very nimble in these boots... In fact I danced a jig in them when I put them on haha! They say these durashocks soles have 30% kinetic energy return and I definetly agree that I have a touch more pep in my step wearing these... and they absorb shock really well... Jumped around in them a bit and it felt good.

So the next thing I decided to test out was the water proofing. When they say waterproof they mean it. I just filled a beer cooler with about 8 inches of water and stood in it for about a minute wiggling my fit around.. adjusting my weight. my feet were dry as a bone. Probably shouldn't have done that without protecting the soles with sealant but to be honest they're holding up real nice so far. dried them off vigorously with paper towels and not a bit of the tan rubbed off on to the paper towels even when the leather was soaking wet. They passed the rub test.

The composite safety toe is pretty large but surprisingly light. Some kind of wierd ballistics plastic or fiberglass...not sure. All I know is that these weigh less than my harley davidson boots which aren't even steel toe.

As for the insulation warmth its not that thick. I wouldn't go trapsing around in a blizzard without some thick socks on. However they are pretty comfy. So far my feet feel fairly dry overall. The wicking liner seems to work on the tops and sides of my feet as they are dry. Only the heel and balls of my feet are slightly damp after an hour and a half of wearing them only because they have my full weight on them and they are in direct contact with the sole... hence no airation.

Haven't been playing with powerlines so I don't know about the electricity factor and I haven't worked on a hot summer day yet.

Time tested durability or how they hold up in working conditions remains to be seen as I've only had them for about an hour and a half now, but we're about to get 2 feet of snow here and I'm anxious to test these babies out.

will update ya'll down the road if I get a chance.

First impression of this boot is very good. Took a little extra time getting too me but I'm glad I waited.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Quick update on the boots. Good news is...
By: Joe
Quick update on the boots. Good news is that they are really warm. I just gutted it out shovelling for 2 hours in a blizzard and my feet were toasty... wasn't even wearing insulated socks.

My one gripe though is that the tread on the bottom isn't very "anti-slip" It's not horrible mind you but its still a little slick. The tread isn't very deep and the little grippy nubs on the bottom seem to be wearing off. Other than that so far these are perfect. I bought some ice cleats for 12 bucks which takes care of any anti-slip issues. However if I was going to send a note to Wolverine it would be to have them install a nice vibram sole on the bottom like you see on their Merrell line of footwear. I've had quite a few merrells and I'm always impressed with their vibram sole tread.
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Wolverine Boots: Men's 3258 DuraShocks Insulated Steel Toe Wellington Boots

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