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Reviews For Carhartt Jackets J140 RED

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Average Customer Review
13 out of 15 people found this product review helpful.
This coat is my favorite Carhartt coat....
By: audra herman
This coat is my favorite Carhartt coat. It is very warm and comfortable but not too stiff on the outside. I would recommend this coat to anyone wanting a warm comfortable coat.
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3 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Slack quality control....
By: Thermoking460
When I first saw this jacket I was so excited to see something in my size that was a cool color and not carhartt brown all day. So I ordered one in a hurry before they sold out. I received my new jacket and tried it on. That's when I saw the incomplete stitching on the left sleeve cuff. The insulation inside the jacket was exposed. I was so let down. I wanted to sport my new jacket to work the next day because I knew that I'd be the only guy there with a bright red carhartt jacket. Once I accepted that that wasn't going to happen with a gaping hole in my sleeve I reverted to checking the fit and finish of the rest of the jacket. I later came to the conclusion that the fit and finish left a lot to be desired especially in the fit department. I can forgive the craftsmanship issue because that can be rectified but the fit was horrible. I couldn't get around it. I own 2 snap-on jackets that are made of a similar duck material but its softer, more comfortable to wear by that alone and the fit is great. The sleeves are a good length and the jacket falls just below the waist so I'd doesn't creep up your back when you bend over. Those jackets are produced in china and marketed in the us by snap-on. I then asked myself a serious question. How many of these jackets do I really need? I have a closet full and 2 that I wear most above all so I sent this jacket back. Also the red of the actual jacket is not as red as the picture here. Its a bit paler.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Red Carhartt Jacket...
By: John4706
Beautiful color, not the boring brown. Large enough to wear layers underneath. May want to wear extra layers on extremely cold days. Nice coat. I take my dog to a dog park no matter what the weather. The hood comes in very handy especially in windy weather . My dog has his coat and now I have mine. We are good to go.
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Carhartt Jackets: Men's J140 RED USA Made Flannel Lined Duck Active Jacket

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