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Customer Reviews

Shoe In Overshoes: Unisex Closed Toe Slip On Overshoes 161-0888

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Average Customer Review
23 out of 25 people found this product review helpful.
Keeps boots clean...
By: Arthur Gough
I wear these slip on boots when i'm working in mucky or wet dirt. It helps keep my boots clean. I really like them, they save me a lot of time and money.
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19 out of 19 people found this product review helpful.
Shoe Ins AND Shoe "Outs"...
By: mannyxg
On our farm, sometimes we need to wear dirty boots into the house to do something for just a minute. Other times, we need to wear nice clean boots or shoes into dirty areas. In either case, these are huge time (and marriage) savers.

We've had ours for years and they are fantastic. Very durable. Our 'Shoe Outs' hang on a hook outside our layer hen aviary 365 days a year in the Florida sun and show no signs of cracking or degrading in any way.
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2 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Not big enough for size 15...
By: Emma
My husband wears a size 15 shoe and the XL was not big enough to fit his boots. The XL says that it fits shoe sizes 13+, but should say 13-14 max. I wish they would make something that will actually fit a size 15.
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Keep shoes clean and dry with no effort...
By: Richard Chase
These are the greatest invention since sliced bread !!! Going out in the wet mud (or worse)? Slip you shoes into them with no effort, and walk right out. You'll walk a little like Charlie Chaplin, but your shoes will stay clean and dry. When you come back in, just step out of them.
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They Work Well...
By: hulkdriver
I am very satisfied with this product. If the sides were just a little higher so that deeper puddles could be forded I would have given a five star review instead of a four star. I would recommend this product to others.
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They work well for their intended purpose...
By: Wally Kempf
I purchased the Unisex overshoes a few weeks ago and found them to work out very well to help keep my shoes clean while working around the barn for a quick check of the animals without having to resort to putting on regular boots. The overshoes go on easily, feel secure and work for several different styles of shoes that I used them over. The only negative is on one particular pair of shoes, the upper leather is thin and the "grabber treads" inside the overshoe have a tendency to push on my instep. The other style shoes that have thicker upper leather are no problem at all.
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Shoe in shoe looks clunky...
By: Hal S.
Shoe in shoe works fine but kids make fun of them and they do look clunky. In fairness I should have bought small but instead bought medium size since shoe size is at upper end of one size and lower end of the other size.
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By: Doss farm girl
I bought these shoes to keep the mud, small rocks and various animal deposits out of the house. I was very happy when the shoes arrived but my husband was concerned he would trip with them on. Thankfully he is now using them but with great caution. The concept is a great idea but the shoes are very bulky and one needs to take extra care when walking.
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just what i needed...
By: steve rice
I have a few chickens and was always worried when i came back from the coop carying droppingd on my shoes into the house. with the over shoe there is no more worry, all droppings stay off shoes and out of house. work great
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They do just what I need them to do, keep my shoes clean and dry when I run out side...
By: Dennis Oltmann
I bought these overshoes to slip over my regular shoes so I can run outside and back in and not have to take my regular shoes off. they work just fine. I can run over to the house next door without changing my regular winter boots.
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Shoe In Overshoes: Unisex Closed Toe Slip On Overshoes 161-0888

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