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Reviews For Ranger Boots A229

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Average Customer Review
11 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
I would not have survived without these...
By: Karen Craig
These Ranger boots kept my feet toasty warm no matter how cold it got. With coveralls I was able to spend hours outside in my horse barn, very comfy. Love them, will buy another pair!! My husband wants some!!
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8 out of 9 people found this product review helpful.
Short lived...
By: John Trundy
I have only had these boots 1 1/2 years with light to moderate wear and they are cracking on the top toe area. I wouldn't recommend this product under the circumstances. The boots that these replaced lasted 6-7 years and actually wore out the soles. Yea I know , should have bought another pair of those!!
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
They are warm and I really like them...
By: Becky Clifton
The problem I have is they have only lasted 6 months and now they are getting holes and in this mud and rain we have had of late not a good thing. I take care of them rinse the much off every time and keep them in my laundry room where it is warm. This actually makes the second pair in the last year that I have had. Really like them but for the money you would think they would last longer than 6 months. Can't figure why they start to get holes and split away from sole.
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last 18 months if lucky...
By: Scoots
These boots keep me warmer than any other boot I've tried. I ice fish often and have never had cold feet.
But they only last for a year and a half. I own 3 pair now. I have 3 good felt liners and 3 leaky rubber outers. When I first started buying them they were cheaper [ maybe 60.00 bucks , then 74.00 now 88.00 ] I don't think I'll spend the money again. When they are new they are the best...but for 60 I can see getting a pair every other year not now close to a hundred bucks.
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best winter boot i have ever owened...
By: adam
Have had owned a pair before and loved them. They keep the snow out of your boots and warm up to your kneecaps. I have not found anything to dislike about the boots and they last a long time.
I recommend this boot to all my friends who needs to find a warm boot for outdoor winter events.
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WARM & DRY!!! :-)...
By: Rick Bailey
I bought these boots just over five years ago for $24.98 at the TSC. I have used them everyday during the winter months in Syracuse from walking the dogs, playing with the kids to shoveling the driveway. Even in negative degree weather, my feet were kept warm and dry in these boots. They have held up nicely. I am now seeing dry rot cracks and discovering moisture starting to seep into the boots during wet conditions.

For the price I paid, you can not beat this product!!! I have been trying to buy another pair of these boots but to my surprise, I can no longer find this boot in stores. I can only find them on-line for $88.00.

I would definitely buy and recommend this boot!
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Warm, toasty feet but short lived boots...
By: Ginger
I had a pr. of these that lasted but 1 winter (6 mo.). They kept my feet warm & comfortable even when -30* to -40* of weather outside; however, it was much too soon that they looked dry-rotted = cracked & split all over the uppers, & got wet inside when the snow melted thru the cracks. For the price I feel they should last at least 3-4 yrs. I'm not even in them all day; just twice a day while doing AM & PM chores in my barn & outside.
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