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Reviews For Wrangler Jeans 39902 PW

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Average Customer Review
3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Wrangler Everyday Jeans...
By: MizzDee
I had been searching everywhere for Wrangler Jeans with a 31 inch inseam for my husband for days. Working Person's is the ONLY online or local venue where these jeans were actually available. I purchased 2 pairs as a Christmas gift for my husband. They are a heavy duty jean great for everyday casual use. These are not the fancy designer jeans with the bells and whistles, but a good looking plain style jean that can be used for working or casual wear. They wash extremely well (be careful the first few washings if buying the dark indigo as they do bleed significantly). My husband loves the fit and appreciates that he was able to have jeans in the proper inseam length. Price was fantastic, shipping was good. I'll be doing business again with WP.
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Solid pair of affordable, heavy work jeans...
By: jjangoo
I bought these jeans to wear for work and they are great. I've never bought Wranglers before but I'm pleasantly surprised. The denim is pretty heavy and you can feel the durability. The inseam is pretty short, but fits my body perfectly. The fit of the jeans is spot on, not too big and not too tight. These are the perfect pair of tough, durable, and reliable work jeans.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Update: Four Months In and Still Going Strong...
By: Simon
I initially thought these jeans were almost perfect, lacking only a slightly larger zipper, like the ones on the Riggs jeans, to make them truly excellent. Now, after wearing them for about 4 months, I find that's no longer an issue. These Rugged Wear jeans have held up really, really well over several months, when many other jeans I've had have shown a lot of wear by this time. These still look almost brand new. Rugged Wear, indeed. A lot of people might find the Riggs line from Wrangler more comfortable on the job, because they have a looser fit, but I've worn these at work, where I have to bend and squat and climb ladders all the time, and there has been no problem with mobility or comfort. At this point, I would give these jeans a slight edge over the Riggs line, which I really like, simply because I like the cut better. After 4 months, there has been absolutely no shrinkage, no fraying, no pockets wearing out, no buttonholes getting worn short, no problems whatsoever. I will absolutely be buying these again.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
only jean for me...
By: hggns81
Will last a tree climbing season.. Doesn't get tougher than that! Comfortable wrangler U crotch cutcut. Used to have a lined waist and leather patch, but now pleather and no liner. Still the only jean for me. I just hope they don't stop making them. Should have bought a case when they had leather patches. Also wish 31 inseam was more easily available.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Oh, So Close To Almost Perfect Jean...
By: Simon
You may not be as finnicky as I am, so chances are that you will probably love these jeans. Heavyweight construction (14.75 oz. cotton denim is heavier than most) that is still soft and comfortable and durable, the classic Wrangler fit, which has always suited me better than any other jean, boot cut (the only cut to wear, as far as I'm concerned, unless you're one of those teenaged kids who wants their jeans to look like leotards or something), and a crotch that doesn't emasculate you when you're on the job. Plus, they don't shrink in the wash. What's not to like? Well, just one, tiny, little thing....the zipper. Not that there's anything wrong with it, there isn't really. It's just that the zipper on their Riggs line of jeans is so much better. The Riggs jeans have a more substantial zipper, larger, with a bigger tab that is easier to work. Not a big deal, really, and it would not prevent me from buying these jeans again, but man, if they just put in that Riggs zipper, these jeans would be stone perfect.
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Great jeans...
By: Bryan Few
I've been wearing this exact jean style for a decade or more for work. In the interim, I have tried Levi's and Carhardt but these hold their color and fit better than any other brand that I have tried. I had a hard time finding a 31" inseam but I found it here. The price was $5-10 cheaper than any other local store. Shipping was free w/ three pairs ($49+). The entire shopping process was quick and painless. I have already recommended this site to others.
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