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Reviews For Wigwam Socks F2062 792

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Average Customer Review
20 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
The most comfortable socks ever!...
By: Anonymous
After searching long and hard in every department store imaginable, I had given up on finding socks that were for casual wear and that didn't cut you off at the ankles or higher. These are loose enough to be comfortable but not so loose that they fall down. You can wear them for hours and they provide the right amount of cushion. Even though they are thicker than a dress sock, they allow your feet to breathe and can't be beat. I w ish that I had found them sooner!
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13 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
My husband's favorite socks...
By: VT_Patty
. . . and he is fussy! It's hard to find socks for size 13 feet. It's hard to find socks that don't cut off circulation. But these socks are perfect! They are warm, comfortable, true to size and last a long time. They are well worth the price. Hubby loves these Wigwam socks and has recommended them to others.
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11 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
great sox but...
I wear a 12 shoe and have gotten these sox in both L and XL ,the XL fits better but I have to slit the tops of both sizes so they don't make my feet swell. With the slit they are just wonderful, comfortable, warm with out sweat, and let me be on my feet to get some welding done at 68 years old.Thank you for helping me got some work done, that really is what I want, and helping me keep my feet healthy.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Wigwam Diabetic Wool Socks for Men...
By: Grandpa
I am a Type 2 diabetic. I have cold feet. I need warm socks that do not bind and cut off circulation, so I bought four pair Wigwam Diabetic Wool Socks for Men and would have bought more but these were the last four pair available. They are warm and comfortable, to be sure, with padded heels, thick sole layers and toe layers. They stay up but do not bind on my old 71-year old legs. I highly recommend Wigwam Diabetic Wool Socks for Men, and not just to diabetics. On Wigwam's own home page, I could not locate them, so hopefully Working Person's Store can re-stock these great, warm men's socks.
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The Best I've Found...
By: wrbtu
I've had poor circulation since I was 10 years old, for whatever reasons. When I reached age 61, I was told I had Type II Diabetes. I was tired of seeing large rings around my lower calves & ankles, due to too tight sox (all sox were too tight for me), & I finally made a big effort to find pair of sox I could wear more comfortably.

These Wigwam sox were just one more "experiment" for me in a long line of failures, but after I wore them, I can say that they're the best I've found. I'm not going to say they're "perfect", because I still see slight red lines on my skin, but they're quite comfortable, to the point where I'm not paying undue attention to my ankles/calves anymore, & they do NOT cause pain or cut off my circulation. They stay up to their full length, if desired, or I can slouch them down.

I have average size ankles & calves, & wear a size 10.5 shoe. I bought these in Size "Large" & will be buying more.
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Finally! Socks that fit!...
By: BigDaddy45acp
These socks are great! Having large feet and large calves, I've always had a problem finding comfortable socks. These fit the bill! A perfect fit and no binding at the calf. They stay up as well as, if not better than other socks. Reasonably warm, so far, this winter. Best of all, Wigwam socks are made in the USA! That's the first thing I look for when I buy anything. I have no problem spending more for products made in the US.
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I like them most because they are not tight on my calves....
By: Michael Klimoski
I have been looking for a warm wool sock for some time. Every time I thought I found some they were too tight. I came across some lighter diabetic socks and got to thinking they must make some heavier ones and started looking and found these. I am not a diabetic but tight socks on my calves makes my legs hurt. I own a service station and my wife and I run it ourselves so there are a lot of hours on my feet on concrete. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a warm comfortable sock. I love mine.
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By: Larry Allen
My feet are always cold and these socks work great. I even sleep in mine as they keep me warm all night. I have been looking for a product that feel comfortable day and night without being too heavy. So glad I found these.
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