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Reviews For Peet Boot Dryers 95116

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Average Customer Review
6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
works well, but don't use a boot dryer on leather boots...
By: brianeugne
This Peet Thermal boot dryer rack 95116 product works well to dry shoes, but after a talk with my cobbler, I stopped using it to dry any shoes that are made out of leather. He told me that drying leather too quickly will shorten it's life span and recommended that I use cedar shoe trees instead and allow my shoes to rest and naturally dry for at least 24 hours.I still use the boot dryer for drying out my running shoes and ski boots which do not have any leather, but I after taking his advice, I avoid using it with my loafers and work boots.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
What I like: There are no moving parts...
By: Randy
What I like: There are no moving parts to wear out and thus, it is reliable and quiet. It does an excellent job and uses so little electricity that it can be left on 24/7.
What I did not like: The box it came in did not advertise that glove warmer attachments could be purchased separately. Had I known that I would have bought them at the same time.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
I really like the way this dries boots...
By: Phil
I really like the way this dries boots, shoes, and is so quiet. Even for the man who doesn't have everything, this is a good item to have.
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Great boot dryer...
By: slevin
My son loves this Peet boot dryer, has been working great for over 2 years. It is quiet and stays on the porch to keep wet boots out of the house. It is also great for the grandkids snow boots. Does a good job drying the boots and he has not had any problem with the leather work boots that he dries. I would buy again if the first one stops working.
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
dry boots = happy feet...
By: unclebill
I have two Peet convection shoe/boot dryers in my house! They're great in the winter time when water saturates leather. Just put your boots on it overnight and your feet will be warm and dry in the morning. For any season this product is great; it gets used every night! If only I had one for every piece of footwear, i'd be set for life!
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A must have for dry feet...
By: wolffhome
I bought this product because I work outside year round. Even with waterproof boots and shoes my feet still get wet. Now with this product there's no more stuffing newspaper in my boots to accelerate the drying. This product works fast and is silent. Just plug it in, put wet shoes on and in the morning you're ready to go. My wife loves it for the kids boots in winter.
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warm feet...
By: chowellski
I love this product! Whoever purchases it should be aware that there is a possibility of drying out leather boots from the inside out, so be careful. I typically use the dryer rack in the morning when I wake up to warm my work boots up and wick the last bit of moisture away. It is always nice to walk out with warm boots on!
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Peet Thermal Convection Boot Dryer Rack 95116

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