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Reviews For Danner Boots

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Average Customer Review
I cannot believe the comfort of these boots....
By: Jared
I cannot believe the comfort of these boots. I have bought these boots to replace my Altamas which have been extremely stiff. I had these boots for almost a year and I have had no problem with them. The waterproofing and comfort is amazing and they are very durable; I have spilled chemicals on them once or twice and nothing happened. I also love the traction these boots have and I keep making recommendations to people. I have never had worn anything more comftorable in my life. I have serious foot odor and the Cambrelle Lining has been amazing; the lining has always kept my feet comftorable and dry and not once did I have to worry about my boots smelling on the inside; I did not have to put any odor eater in there. The break in time was so fast for me it took only a few hours to break them. I work in an enviornment where there is nothing but concrete and lots of dust and I have had no problem with dust catching onto my boots and the same thing for the dirt. I wear these boots all the time and I do a lot of walking and there is no problem. I have had a lot of other boots including Magnum and nothing can match Danner not even Bates. Thank you Danner for making such incredibly comftorable, stable, and durable boots. Keep up the wonderful work and I hope to see you guys making a pair of your Striker Series in Desert color such as Tan or Mohave; that would be great.A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!
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I bought a pair of these boots in...
By: Robert
I bought a pair of these boots in Jan. 2006 and they lasted for about 8 months. The stiching at the rear of the boot (just above the Danner logo) started coming apart on both boots. The comfort and waterproofing are excellent but the durability leaves a lot to be desired. These may be good boots for level ground and paved surfaces but not if you are going to be on uneven surfaces on a regular basis.
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I have been purchasing this same boot for...
By: Jonathan
I have been purchasing this same boot for the past three years. I have not had a problem with them. During a normal 55 hour week and my feet still do not hurt. The best boot for the money. Right on Danner!
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Right on for a good pair of boots....
By: Dustin Bose
Right on for a good pair of boots. I drive a tow truck and out in all types of weather and stuff. These has been real good for me.
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Ever spent the night tracking down the bad...
By: Matt
Ever spent the night tracking down the bad guy and wish you had better boots and ones that were waterproof? I have and thats why I now wear these boots. Very good support and comfort.
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i have just used this boot non stop...
By: Andy
i have just used this boot non stop over a four day period on a police, tri force intervention exercise, although looking a bit too lightweight it is extremely well built offering good support and confidence underfoot, having previously used the Acadia which i rate highly i find this boot to be better in this given role and cannot recommend it enough.
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