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Reviews For Wesco Boots ST210100

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Average Customer Review
6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
these are the best boots you will ever put on your feet!!!!!!!!...
By: Dennis
These are the best boots I have ever worn. Period. Spend the money you will not be disapointed. I haven't tried White's yet but so far Wesco jobmaster's are the bomb!!!
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
I've owned many brands of boots and these...
By: Josh Morton
I've owned many brands of boots and these are the best I've ever seen. The workmanship and quality are exceptional.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
I've owned many brands of boots and these...
By: Josh Morton
I've owned many brands of boots and these are the best I've ever seen. The workmanship and quality are exceptional.
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
I bought my boots in 2004, and they are scuffed up quite a bit but STILL look damn good, and will probably last me the rest of my life. I am in a wheelchair, and needed a pair of foot wear that would support my feet and ankles strength wise, as well as from knocking into crap throughout just normal life. And I needed a pair of shoes/boots that would not cause sores/blisters because of my paralysis as well. You have I think 4 choices of the stitching you can have being white, black, orange, or red, that I'm sure of, and your choice of brass, nickel, eyelets/hooks. I chose the black stitching and the brass eyelets because they were how they were first made and looked the toughest. If they would have had the black eyelets when I ordered here 9 yrs. ago, I woulda went with the bllack I suppose. To each his own. All more I can say about these insane boots, are that they are the baddest ass looking boot Ive ever seen, other than Wesco's new Composite toe Groundout Style EHBK5710109 boots, which theey sell here, and I am buying next. Whether you are a fireman, police officer, mechanic, biker, construction worker, hunter, or trucker, these boots are for you. AND THEY WILL NEVER DIE! Once you have FINALLY worn out your Wescos, simply ship them back to the company and for 45% less of another new pair thhey will ''rebuild'' youur old boots and turn them into new ones again! Go to for the whole info. Yeah. you can go ahead and be a cheapskate, and get some pretty cool looking and sturdy Chinese made boots here, or you can own the HARLEY-DAVIDSON of boots, and not only have some pretty cool bragging rights, for all the reasons I've listed, but, in the end your $374 Wescos will be FAR cheaper than spending all that money on the 3 or 4 pairs of cheaper, inferior, overseas models that will wear out in the time that you will only have ONE pair of Wesco Jobmasters. If you need anymore convincing at thiis point, or not, I would steer you over to the official Wesco Boots webite, and understand quality and superiority in footwear like you have never even thought about in yoour entire life! Iff yoou have read my rambllings up to this point, you are probably an intelligent person, who knoows the long term ramifications of wear inferior footwear, and it's effects on your back, spine, and ankles. Hey, loook, I'm just a guy in a wheelchair that was looking for some good, manly looking boots, that wouldn't reak havok on my feet, given my certain sitation. Now, when someone asks me what kind of bad ass boots I am wwearing, you would think I am a very well payed spokes person for Wesco Boots, which, unforetunately, I am not. I'm justt a good 'ol Missouri boy trying to help my fellow boot loving friends not waste there money, as well as maybe being guilty of promoting some much needed good 'ol American pride and inginuity. From 1918? Well, hell, I'd say that ain't to bad. Now, I will have to conceed the White's Boots are in incredible boot, in their own right, and you might be interested in their American proud, hand made boots, as well, and they've been doing it since before the Ciivil War!!! But tthey're even morre expensive, and foor my money, the buck stops with Wesco Boots. The girls answering the phones here at Working Person, are the kiindest, sweetest wommen you'll ever deal with over the phone. And delivery is fast!!!! I hope my informative novel helped you out. HA HA!
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Wesco Boots: Steel Toe Jobmaster Logger Boots ST210100

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