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Reviews For Irish Setter Boots 860

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Average Customer Review
12 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
You'll not regret having warm, dry feet...
By: outdoorfool
On my 2nd pair in 10 years, only because the first pair, were left on a rock, next to the truck after I changed shoes to head home ! Ate lunch, changed shoes left a perfectly good pair of buts on my favorite mountain ! These boots can literaly be taken out of the box put on your feet, and you can start walkin, huntin in comfort, with dry feet ! 2nd pair is 8 years old now, just oil'em up every now n then and enjoy warm dry feet ! It is about time for soles to be replaced ! Heck for the cost of new soles I can afford some new gear instead of more money for new boots !
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3 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
irsh setter elk tracker boots are the greatest...
By: Thomas Luster
These Irish Setter boots are the best boots out the box that i've ever bought, there no breaking them in there the most comfortable boot that i'I've found. if the rating was 1 to 10 i would give them a 12 they're that good. The shipping was super fast and Working Person Store was super so helpful with my order recommend highly and the boots again are the greatest this the second pair of Irish Setter Boots that I own. the first was wing shooter so again you can't go wrong with these work boots.
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3 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Best pair of boots I have ever owned!...
By: Dan
I bought these boots because I am sick of wet feet in Washington state during hunting season. The triple stitching and stitched on sole were big selling factors for me! other shoes with bonded material have never lasted long for my hunting needs.
I wore these Irish Setter boots for hunting this fall 2013. These boots are extremely comfortable right out of the box. They do not require any breaking in at all. They are warm and snug. The leather holds up really well. I noted this after stumbling through brush and over logs after dark for several hours tracking a blood trail for a friend early season. These boots showed hardly a scratch. They can really take a beating! Also during late season my wife and I encountered a few wet rainy days. The last day of our hunt, we had snow. My feet remained dry and toasty even after plodding though wet grass, brush, puddles, mud and then add to that the 3 inches of snow the final day. I did notice a very slight dampness in my left foot when all said and done, but I think that was only due to some light sweat moisture from my feet. I would have liked to have had more wet days to evaluate the waterproofing on these boots, but both my wife and myself ended up filling our tags prior to season close. I will wear them this winter to see how they fare. All said and done however, I am not disappointed in the purchase of these boots as of the time of this review. based on my initial experience, I would highly recommend buying these boots for your wet, rainy or snowy day hunting needs!
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2 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Comfort out of the box.....
By: Oilchecker
I had a foot injury that required surgery and 6 weeks in a cast. After recovering from my injury I needed a boot with superior ankle stability and comfort. From the first moment I tried these boots on I knew my feet were going to be happy. It felt as if these boots were broke in right out of the box. The insulation keeps my feet warm but with out that too hot feeling. I got a year of every day use out of my first pair. However the soles are on the softer side and show substantial wear. I turned a co worker on to these boots and he has two pairs now. Highly recommended!
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By: G.D.
These are the only winter boots that I will wear. Would definitely recommend. Wear well and last all winter and well into the spring. I purchase a new pair every year. Worn daily for construction work.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
My Son says he loves his boots....
By: Michelle Kimball
These were everything he said that he needed for work. They needed to be warm and waterproof. He also wanted leather not material. The price was also reasonable with the extra coupon that I had to use.
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