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Reviews For Timberland PRO Boots 47591

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Average Customer Review
31 out of 31 people found this product review helpful.
To be honest I wasn't to sure about these...
By: Doug
To be honest I wasn't to sure about these boots but I say that they had the abrasion resistant rubber double toe so I thought I would try them. I am on my feet 12 hours a day and really needed a good tough pair of boots that would withstand water and protect my feet. And I really think this is the best buy I have made. I also got them for a pretty reasonable price.
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30 out of 30 people found this product review helpful.
These Timberland Pro Endurance boots...
By: Lisa
These Timberland Pro Endurance boots that I bought for my husband are the best thing I have ever got him. He used to complain about his feet every night after work. Now he says they don't hurt at all.
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30 out of 30 people found this product review helpful.
I have been through several pairs...
By: Jake
I have been through several pairs of boots over the years and could never find the right one that met all of my needs. Until I tried the Timberland Pro 47591.These are just what I was looking for. I work in a mill and am moving around a lot and on my feet all day. I will definitely be purchasing these again.
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30 out of 30 people found this product review helpful.
I wanted to wait a little while to...
By: S. Mayer
I wanted to wait a little while to get some wear time before reviewing these boots. I have had them 1 month now, and must say they are everything as advertised. I work 12 hour shifts in a coal fired power plant (28 yrs), so I need something that is comfortable enough to walk in all day. These boots fit like a glove. No break in was needed. Lighter than most, and very well made. And yes, they are waterproof, which is really the reason I decided to try them. I have tried just about every boot out there, and these are in my top 3. I would recommend them, and will be buying them again.
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29 out of 29 people found this product review helpful.
Uber comfort !...
By: Michael
I love these boots. All day comfort, waterproof, fairly light weight and protective. What's not to like ?
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19 out of 19 people found this product review helpful.
amazing boots!...
By: shlomikalfa
I was wearing CATs for work for like a year now and I was sure there can't be any better, but then I've tried Timberland Pro boots on and they felt like home! I didn't expect them to be so comfortable especially since I'm used to the CATs but to my surprise they were. I recommend these for a normal working day not a second shift one.

Pros - The boots are actually waterproof, put my foot in a bucket for the try and nothing got it, just make sure you tie them up properly so nothing gets in from the top.
Cons - The sole isn't as soft and fun to walk on as my old CATs. Requires some better socks for the long working days.
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19 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
low quality...
By: kylejsmith5555
Boots are very comfortable but made very poorly. When I first received these Timberland Pro boots and put them on the stitching on the back of the heel tore loose. Sent boots back and they sent me another pair that done the same thing again. I've had the work boots for about a year now and have had to replace soles in them three times and there is no material left around the heel or inside of shoe. Outside (besides heel) has held up well, and comfort is still good. I do manufacturing work and welding on the side. For the money I would expect higher quality in the workmanship.
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18 out of 18 people found this product review helpful.
Comfortable and truly waterproof!...
By: AWorkman
These are the best work boots I have ever tried. In fact, I am now ordering my third pair. I am a general contractor, so these boots need to do it all, and they do! I definitely need work boots that are steel toed, waterproof, and just tough in general. For steel toed boots, they are fairly light. And they are truly waterproof. Just due to the rough wear and tear of my job, I buy a new pair of boots every 9-12 months. Ever since I found these Timberland Pro boots, I don't even shop around, I just reorder these Timberland PRO Boots 47591. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
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17 out of 17 people found this product review helpful.
Great Work Boots...
By: steena83
I bought these boots for my husband for work, he is a mechanic. He has never been happier about a pair of work boots before. They did everything they claimed to do. They are actually waterproof and very comfortable. With our winters, we get a ton of snow and his feet stay dry. He works 10 hour days, 5 days of week, so finding a pair of boots that will last took awhile. We searched different store and websites.... Im glad we found this website. The Timberland Pro boots lasted him about 2 years. I just purchased the same pair again. I would highly recommend these boots.
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17 out of 17 people found this product review helpful.
very comfortable and durable...
By: siberhack
I wore the Timberland PRO work boots on a demo job. I stepped on nails and had concrete wall fall on my foot and had no problem. Well made boot very comfortable . Bottom of sole lock into rung of ladder very helpfull Steel toe front is good not to tight and the speed laces are very good also ,boots are a little heavy though but not enough to cause fatigue all in all i would highly recomend these boots for thre professinal as well as the diy kind of guy due to ite well made structure and comfortability they aslo come with a electrical resitance rating
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16 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Best work boots ever...
By: JimFischer
I was changing jobs and needed a safety boot. Comfort and durability were very important because I was going to be on my feet for about nine hours a day. I purchased these Timberland Pro boots from a competitor's store and they are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn...more comfortable than my regular shoes. I bought them because of how they look and feel. After finding the Working Person's Store, I realized I had overpaid for the boots by about $40. Needless to say, I'll be buying these boots again, only this time for the Working Person's Store.
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14 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
awesome work boots...
By: rlanderson1234
ive owned these boots for six months now and they are still in great condition working outside all day I was a little worried about how they would hold up but they've met and exceeded my expectations they were a little uncomfortable for the first few days but after that they felt awesome I have wide feet so I wasn't sure but the timberland name has proven loyal again
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14 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
heavy, stiff, yet secure...
By: barrywhite
This is a secure and safe boot. Seems well built and comfortable. My feet felt like tanks in them. But I was looking for a hiking boot. Something with better trail soles. But if I needed a pair for construction work, I would certainly buy these. A little heavy, but thats what they are for. Overall, a solid boot!
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13 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
stiff and heavy...
By: Mason
This is the 2nd pair of boots I have gotten from this line. The first lasted me over a year before I got a hole worn through the sole of the shoe. But they were still comfortable till the last day. However they were the other model. This model is (so far) stiffer and heavier then the other pair. They have gotten better and with work being slow I havent had ample days upon days of wear on them yet. But so far so good.
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13 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
Most comfortable ever worn...
By: Philcdla
I purchased these boots for a close friend and they love them. Everything from comfort,looks, and durability. He says these were his favorite boots by far. Get some you won't be disappointed! These boots are lasting a long time considering when and where they are worn. Anywhere from wet grass to 6inches of mud these boots perform well.
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12 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
Best performance...
By: frizzo
I am on my feet all day long 12 hours easy, and these boots handle the job !! Weather its snow, mud or concrete my feet are protected. Very comfortable on my feet and the steel toe doesn't dig into my toes. The rubber toe gaurd stands up to anything you run into or abuse you kick at it. Been a fan of these boots for years!!
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12 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
keep feet comfortable but noticed skin rubbed on my toe left foot felt like rubbing on edge of steel toe...
By: wilmer grove
keep feet comfortable but rubbed skin raw on toe of left foot felt like it was rubbing against edge of steel toe felt inside boot and mesh seemed to be balled a little by edge of steel toe wore boots for about two weeks still feels like toe is rubbing against steel toe on left foot right boot seems to be perfect
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12 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
Good puncture proof and waterproof boot...
By: EnergyTech
I work outside all year round. One Fall day while walking in front of a customers yard I stepped on an old board covered with leaves and a nail went through my timberland pro boot, needless to say it was not this boot. I saw that this boot was puncture proof-so I purchased them. I have not been disappointed with this boot and no nail or glass or anything has penetrated the sole of this boot. It is a comfortable boot and it is waterproof. The only negative thing i can say is that this work boot is heavier than any other boot i have owned. I do recommend this boot, but if you are looking for a light boot, this is not the right boot for you.
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11 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
great boots...
By: Markese
I really like these boots. I bought them because of the looks and reputation of quality from Timberland. These are of pretty good quality but as a previous reviewer mentioned the problems with the stitching at the heel on the inside I had the same problem. my first pair wore through in like 3 weeks giving me blisters and Workingperson replaced them. I have had my second pair about a year now, it has been worn through for about 2 months blisters though. there is one spot wear the sole is starting to seperate from the boot now, but after a year of abuse thats unfortunately expected.
Other than that, I have loved these boots. they are pretty comfortable and are definitely waterproof. I love walking through the puddles my coworkers avoid.
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By: maintenance man
I work in a manufacturing plant. On my feet all day long. When I first got a pair of these I thought I would never buy a different brand again. But this time the fit is different, the quality is lower,and it's like they changed the boot to save a buck. What ever was done is a change for the worse in my opinion. I will be returning these. Here goes ting to find a great pair of boots again.
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Great boots!...
By: JimmyG
My first time buying Timberland's. I'm impressed! I've been wearing these boots for almost a year now. Possibly the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. I'm on concrete all day long, often in wet conditions. My feet are always dry and comfortable. The only downside to these boots is they're kind of heavy. I definitely recommend these boots
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Este es mi tercer par de botas, 47591...
By: Camionero57
Despues de usar el primer par, me senti inseguro con otra marca de botas; Yo soy diabetico y mis pies siempre estan seguro mientras manejo, cargo y descargo mi camion, en los anos que ten go de usar mis botas he tenido dos o tres accidents end los cuales mis pies siempre an salido bien librados com lo que el dinero que inverti en la compra de mis botas Timberland fue la mejor inversion que he hecho.
Was this review helpful To you?
By: hunhud
Fixing to purchase my second pair of these boots. They fit great and I was able to wear them right out of the box. I normally have to exchange the inserts in my boots, but not with these. They have been the most comfortable pair of steel toe work boots I have ever purchased. I am in the construction industry and I am on my feet all day.
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Slippery on loose gravel...
By: Dburn
I work around rock crushing plants all day long, I have to say the boots are pretty slippery on loose gravel. Abrasion resistance is good, puncture resistance is good, they do seem to be a bit heavier than some other boots that I have had. I highly suggest you don't get these wet, they will come apart in the back if you do a lot of hunkering down. Fairly comfortable right out of the box, although I did put a pair of Dr. Scholl's gel pads in them as well. These boots are fine if you are on solid ground all day long, just don't try to walk up a dirt gravel hill.
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Timberland PRO Boots: Men's Endurance PR Brown 47591 EH Steel Toe Work Boots

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