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  • Benchmade Knives: Aluminum Anodized Pen 1100-02

Benchmade Knives: Aluminum Anodized 1100 02 Charcoal Pen

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What if your pen were as powerful as your knife? No, we're not talking about a nifty James Bond gadget. If you dream of stopping mid-memo to wield your ink-spilling weapon and hold your co-workers hostage until you get a raise, then you're probably at the wrong sto ... (see full details)   #129945.

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Benchmade Knives: Aluminum Anodized 1100 02 Charcoal Pen

What if your pen were as powerful as your knife? No, we're not talking about a nifty James Bond gadget. If you dream of stopping mid-memo to wield your ink-spilling weapon and hold your co-workers hostage until you get a raise, then you're probably at the wrong store. But, if you're looking for a pen that will last as long as a Benchmade knife then check out Benchmade USA-Made 1100 02 Charcoal Aluminum Anodized Pen.

This heavy-duty writer will break your Bic to bits with a sturdy design and an ergonomic knurling pattern that delivers a superior grip. The Benchmade pen is also non-reflective which makes it perfect for tactical applications. It has an ergonomical knurling pattern for a comfortable grip, and the cap snaps securely open or closed. This utilizes Fisher ink cartridges.

Throw those cheap pen packs into the nearest trash receptacle and check out the strength of an American-made pen made for a hardworking person. This Benchmade accessory puts power at your fingertips with an anodized design that'll last several lifetimes. Made with sturdy 6061 T-6 aluminum, you can pass this aluminum pen on for generations.

Remember to order this Benchmade 1100 02 Aluminum Anodized American-Made Pen if you want a sturdy gadget you can trust. Get yours from Working Person's Store!

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4.8 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Great Pen!...
I used to think that all pens were created equal and couldn't ever understand why someone would spend extra on a ballpoint pen. This pen totally proved me wrong. I first used it when my friend purchased it - I figured I could show him what a waste of money it was, boy was I wrong.

This casing on this pen is first off, top notch. It is extremely sturdy and doesn't scratch/bend/chip/flake/dent. I can definitely see how this is made to be rugged. However, the real kicker with this pen is the ink. I swear that this pen can work in almost any situation. I've tested it upside down, on greasy paper, on moist paper and in a variety of other circumstances. Regardless of the conditions the ink still flows totally fine. The only downside to this pen is the weight - I wouldn't want to write papers upon papers with it in succession, however this is a minor complaint given what else the pen has to offer!
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1 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.

4 out of 5
Mightier than regular pens....
Got Benchmade aluminum Anodized pen 1100 02 as a gift from a grateful client whose roof I fixed. Thought it was a silly novelty pen at first, but it grew on me. First off, it uses one of those refill cartridges for the Fisher space pens, so you can write upside down, submerged in water, even take it to outer space with you if it's part of your commute. But what makes this pen special is that the cartridge is basically encased in solid aluminum, which makes this thing double as a weapon. If you don't know what a "kubaton" is, it's a Japanese self-defense weapon used by samurais, ninjas, and kamikaze pilots — basically what the Benchmade Aluminum Tactical Pen is without a writing point. It might look unimpressive as a weapon, but those grooves at the base give you a solid kung fu grip. Hold it like an icepick and give someone a light tap to the collar bone and watch them reel back like Pai Mai gave them the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.
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1 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.

5 out of 5
great and legal defense...
This Benchmade 1100 02 pen means business...!!! It's rock solid and delivers an extremely sharp - mind bending - blow to anyone who happens to be on the wrong end of it. I will instantly disable an attacker (if you hit the right spot of course). It's really nice to hold and has a good grip. It's pointy enough to ensure maximum delivery of pain, yet not so pointy it would actually penetrate skin (unless you hit very hard). I like the lanyard hole and that the cap snaps on/off, no screw cap here.

The pen writes rather nicely out of the box (I'm sure you can find various other refills to suit your need), although it's a bit too heavy for writing an essay - for that I prefer a lighter pen, like the Pilot Precise V5 RT (my every day choice of pen).

Best thing about this pen is, it's 100% legal to carry anywhere. You can even take it with you past TSA security checks.
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5 out of 5
life saving pen...
To the average person it is a goofy looking pen but to a trained professional it is a deadly weapon. 20 plus years in LEO and I wouldn't carry any other type of pen. I have utilized it and relied on it numerous times for wrist locks and hitting pressure points. Refills are common and can be bought locally.
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