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  • Kombi Gloves: Mens Black 1/3366BLK Exodus Gloves

Kombi Gloves: Men's Waterproof Windproof Fleece Exodus Gloves 1/3366 BLK

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What does puff pastry, a seven-layer cake and Kombi Men’s 1/3366 BLK Exodus Gloves have in common? They all have layers of undeniable goodness. The layers of goodness inside these Kombi black Exodus gloves include softness, insulation and dryness. The outer s ... (see full details)   #KMB1/3366BLK.

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Kombi Gloves: Men's Waterproof Windproof Fleece Exodus Gloves 1/3366 BLK

What does puff pastry, a seven-layer cake and Kombi Men’s 1/3366 BLK Exodus Gloves have in common? They all have layers of undeniable goodness. The layers of goodness inside these Kombi black Exodus gloves include softness, insulation and dryness.

The outer shell of these hardworking Kombi gloves is made of durable, tear-resistant nylon with not 1, not 2, but 3-layers of features--waterproof, windproof and breathable. The palm of these men’s black gloves are made of supple goatskin with a stretch thumb panel for optimum wear resistance and flexibility.

These gloves are insulated with the lightweight and silky-soft Primaloft insulation. Not only is Primaloft soft as down, it’s wind resistant and breathable with superior water repellency. The biting wind stays out while the softness and dryness stays in.

A good quality lining is perhaps one of the most important features of any pair of gloves. The lining is what comes in contact with your skin. Nothing is worse than a scratchy liner that doesn’t breathe. The inside of these Exodus Kombi gloves is lined with thermo-Pile fleece on the back of the hand and Accu-Dri lining on the palm side. The thermo-Pile fleece wraps your hands in softness and the Accu-Dri wicks moisture away rapidly in order to keep your hands dry throughout the harshest winter conditions. It’s critical to maintain dry hands in order to keep warm, and with Accu-Dri lining dryness is maintained. The Gore-Tex insert also helps to keep the inside of your gloves dry by keeping the water out, making them totally waterproof. Snow and ice will never get near your skin.

The dual-pull gauntlet closure ensures a perfect, customized fit around your wrist. These men's Kombi gloves will fit, well, like a glove!

Slip on a pair of Kombi Men’s 1/3366 BLK Exodus Gloves. They have layers of softness, insulation and dryness. All that’s missing is a frosting layer.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Detailed Product Specifications

Cold Weather, Outdoor, Walking
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Customer Reviews For Kombi Gloves: Men's Waterproof Windproof Fleece Exodus Gloves 1/3366 BLK

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4 out of 5
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.

5 out of 5
Made to take on the winter...
I bought these Kombi water proof gloves to keep my hands warm while doing all of the winter activities that I love to do. These gloves provide an impressive amount of dexterity for something so warming, and this allows me to easily operate my snow machine or pull the trigger on my rifle. I absolutely love these gloves, they have protected me in weather in excess of 0 degrees Fahrenheit where my spit froze before it hit the ground. If something ever happens to these gloves, I will happily purchase another pair, they are simply to functional. *****
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.

5 out of 5
Truly waterproof gloves...
I am absolutely in love with these Kombi gloves for winter wear.
They have held up admirably when handling snow (and melted snow), and I haven't experienced any seepage of liquid through the glove.
In spite of how well they keep out moisture and wind, these gloves are also surprisingly soft. Other pairs of waterproof gloves are usually very stiff and difficult to move in. These gloves somehow remain extremely supple - I am able to put on and undo my snowboard bindings without needing to remove my gloves, a must when it is freezing outdoors, especially since my gear is often covered in snow.
These gloves are also very warm and will keep your hands toasty even in extremely cold temperatures. I would definitely purchase these gloves if you will ever need to stay warm and dry without compromising freedom of movement.
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1 out of 5
Cold hands...
My hands are very bad with regard to staying warm while riding my bike in any temperatures, but when it gets below 30º F, I really have problems. These gloves did not do it. The Kombi mittens are still the ticket. If I could exchange them, I would.
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5 out of 5
Third pair of gloves I tried this winter...
These were the first pair of gloves that actually worked for me this winter. I'm outside a lot doing chores and my hands often get wet. These are wonderfully waterproof, flexible enough to open a leash clip and reasonably warm. I don't think any glove can keep hands super warm when the temps are as low as they've been this winter, but these are the best ones I've found.
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4 out of 5
excellent for some purposes...
I need very warm, wind and waterproof Winter gloves for dog walking. I am not out skiing or doing manual labor to keep me warm. After research, and speaking with a product manager at Kombi - I own several older gloves from this company, but they are discontinued models - I had a decent education about gloves and insulation. I now understand that Thinsulate is suited for those who are active, but Primaloft is better for my purposes.

I first tried these in medium (I have small hands). It is difficult to buy clothes online. They were tight and very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Working Person's is a wonderful company that genuinely believes in customer service. They paid for return shipping and replaced the mediums with large with no hassle to me.

These gloves are quite warm and very comfortable once you wiggle your fingers all the way in ... not easy with the several layer construction. I doubt that these gloves are suitable for work due to stiffness/lack of flexibility. That may change with use. Even so, they are not bad for driving. NOTE: the gloves have a goatskin gripping surface that is slick. Does not provide good grip!

Very suitable for non-exertion outdoor activity. Windproof. I have not really tested their waterproofing but, based on previous Kombi glove experience, I am confident.
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I can not tell you how thrilled I am. I came home from work tonight and guess what was on my doorstep... yep, my new Danners. I have no idea how you and Danner pulled it off, but the box had stamped right on it, "MUST SHIP TODAY." I laced them up and I couldn't be more excited. Now, my hunting trip will work out. If your job is anything like mine, I'm sure you get tons of emails and try not to read more than you have to, but I would like to take a second and tell you what happened. I fell in love with Danner boots about seven years ago and have been attached to my Danner Canadians ever since. They're waterproof, warm, comfortable, and more than anything, indestructible. I had to move this summer with my job. I thought until this week that I knew exactly where my boots were, but when I started preparing for my trip I found out that they weren't where I thought. I searched high and low, but no boots. So, I decided that if I had to buy new boots, I was going to upgrade to the Trophy. I tried at LEAST 20 places before I spoke to you (the nature of the Internet), and no one had them, nor could they guarantee me that I would have them by the end of the week. I work for the second largest retailer in the US and I hope day in and day out that my folks take care of customers the way you took care of me. You didn't even know this story, but you went way beyond "website service" and made sure I had solutions. I was stressing to say the least, and I admit that I was concerned that you were making me a promise that you really couldn't control. Since you didn't have them in stock, Danner was on the hook and you were several states away. In the end, your promise of Friday delivery was exceeded by two days and, by my reckoning, from the time I spoke with you I received my boots from Portland to Charlotte in roughly 20 hours. That's CRAZY customer service. If you give me the email address of your boss, I would be happy to send this to him or her on your behalf. Otherwise, please have a great weekend. I'll send anyone I know to your website.

Chad from Charlotte, NC

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