5.11 Tactical Bags: Black 56026 019 Bail Out Tactical Bag

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5.11 Tactical Bags: 56026 019 Bail Out Black Tactical Bag

5.11 Tactical Bags: Black 56026 019 Bail Out Tactical Bag

Working in the law enforcement and military requires a special set of skills as well as tools, equipment, and safety gear to ensure the success of every operation. This type of occupation calls for sophistication in the sense of the job’s delicate aspects that could either save or take a life. To help the modern day heroes in fulfilling their duties, the ~5.11 Tactical Black 56026 019 Bail Out Tactical Bag is equipped with everything they need in a compact design.

Made with a durable 1050D nylon construction, the 5.11 Tactical bag is built to provide solutions and support to active shooter response teams for their run-ins. It has ample storage compartment with its 8.25-inch H x 11.75-inch L x 4.5-inch D measurements, while left and right side pockets can hold other essentials with their 6.5-inch x 4.75-inch x 1.75-inch capacities. Three front pockets can hold six AR magazines effortlessly, and this black Bail Out bag can hold a total of nine liters (or 544 cubic inches) of operation essentials and supplies.

This black tactical bag from 5.11 is designed for versatility without compromising comfort and functionality. Its adjustable strap with a quick-release drop and an internal hook-and-loop closure for pull-out pouches are both tailored for your convenience. The padded aero-mesh at the rear side of the 5.11 gear bag are strategically placed to prevent grazes caused by friction which is often unavoidable especially in high-pursuit cases and operation. The tactical design's shoulder pad is also removable for better mobility and comfort.

The 5.11 Tactical Black 56026 019 Bail Out Tactical Bag from Working Person's Store is your trusted companion for high-adrenaline outdoor activities as well as occupational hazards that may be just around the corner.

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