Belleville Boots: Men's C390 Tan 8-Inch Coyote Hot Weather Combat Duty Boots

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Belleville Boots: C390 Combat Hot Weather Men's Coyote Duty Boots

Belleville Boots: Men's C390 Tan 8-Inch Coyote Hot Weather Combat Duty Boots

The ~Belleville Men's C390 Coyote Tan 8-Inch Hot Weather Combat Duty Boots are one of the most innovative work boots that Belleville makes. Made with top of the line-technology and constructed to master any job, this men's footwear opens up a whole new era of combat duty. Seriously, these combat boots are high quality and are here to make a statement!

Heat can be a downer when you're trying to get the job done. Having sore, tired, and overheated feet can cause you to become exhausted. That’s why you need a pair of Belleville boots that are lightweight and can fight off the hot weather. Made of smooth nylon fabric and strong 100% cattlehide leather, the uppers of these men's boots are designed to keep your feet feeling cool during the humid hours on the job. The single-density insoles are deigned to be removed easily if needed. These features combine to make for combat footwear that's able to keep your feet feeling cool and fresh during those unbearably hot work days.

Comfort is a must when you're on your feet all day long. If your feet become sore, your whole body shuts down and becomes weak. These hot weather boots are constructed on the Vanguard Premium cushioning system that provides all-day comfort and support to your feet. The midsoles are highly cushioned and shock absorbent to offer additional comfort. Your feet will feel great while you're working, and even when you're not. Foot fatigue at the end of the day can ruin anyone's time off the clock, so stay prepared with the proper cushioning. 100% rubber Vibram Sierra outsoles give you added support as well.

These tan boots were deigned to feel like athletic footwear. That sounds great for the all you men who are constantly moving around and working your feet to death, right? They're made with the VANGUARD® running shoe sole construction, too. This allows for a more comfortable feel!

Tired of constantly having to replace you’re work boots because of them falling apart? Having to buy a new pair can become frustrating and expensive. Well, lucky for you, Belleville has designed these to last! Made with durable technology, they won’t wear and tear like regular work boots. The Belleville boots are AR 670-1 compliant and are ready for the battlefield!

Like we said, these open up a whole new door to duty boots. They provide your feet with comfort, durability, stability, and protection! They're perfect to wear on the field or at any other demanding job. Do yourself a favor and order these Belleville Men's C390 Coyote Hot Weather 8-Inch Combat Duty Boots from Working Person's Store today!

Manufactured Sizes: REG: 3-16 | N: 3-16 | W: 3-16 | EW: 3-16

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Leather and Nylon
Not Waterproof
Removable Footbed
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Removable Footbed