Black Stallion: Black Stallion BSX HelmetCatch Helmet Backpack GB100

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Black Stallion GB100 BSX Helmet Backpack

Black Stallion: Black Stallion BSX HelmetCatch Helmet Backpack GB100

You don’t always have to be a professional to find utility in apparel or gear that's designed for a specific trade. With that said, whether or not you’re a skilled welder, we feel that ~Black Stallion’s BSX HelmetCatch Helmet Backpack GB100 is the perfect gear pack for any type of job.

Black Stallion designed this exclusively for welders. However, they also mention that this gear pack is perfect for other “...vocational applications...” and we couldn’t agree more. This black gear pack offers the storage you need to transport your tools and belongings to the worksite. This black backpack features Black Stallion’s exclusive HelmetCatch system. Featuring a secure 5-point rigging system, you can safely and quickly store your work helmet in a snap. The padded construction of the helmet storage is perfect for protective helmets of all sizes. In addition to the helmet compartment, which is detachable, the exterior of this HelmetCatch gear pack also features a reinforced pocket designed to hold heavy-duty welding gloves. However, we feel that pocket is also perfect other gear, as well as a water bottle or two.

With the detachable HelmetCatch system, this helmet backpack measures 15-inches L x 12-inches W x 19-inches H; without it is 7-inches L x 12-inches W x 19-inches H. Either way, this black gear pack has plenty of interior storage for your tools and belongings. The interior has once again been designed with welders in mind. With that said, there are interior pockets and loops specifically added to secure small tools like hammers, brushes, tip cleaners, protective eyewear, and more. Yet even if you were to add those tools, there's still plenty of room for other belongings you would take with you to work.

Speaking of being on the job site, this Black Stallion gear pack has been manufactured to have the rugged durability and comfort you would want in a day-to-day work pack. This black work pack has a Black Stallion exclusive ergonomic design. A part of that is the inclusion of fully adjustable and heavily padded shoulder straps. Black Stallion also added a fully padded back for even more comfort. In addition, Black Stallion added a rivet-reinforced rubberized top handle for sturdy and comfortable transporting. For durability purposes, Black Stallion also reinforced the exterior of this work pack to make sure it can withstand the rigors of being transported daily to and from the worksite.

So take the time to order this awesome Black Stallion’s BSX HelmetCatch Helmet Backpack GB100 from Working Person's Store today. It's more than equipped to handle your necessities in an organized fashion. You might not be a welder, but if you’re any type of worker, we feel you’ll find practicality in this HelmetCatch gear.

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