Black Stallion FR Sweatshirts: JF1332 OR Hi Vis Orange TruGuard Sweatshirt

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Black Stallion JF1332 OR FR TruGuard 200 Men's Hi-Vis Orange Hooded Sweatshirt
Flame Resistant

Black Stallion FR Sweatshirts: JF1332 OR Hi Vis Orange TruGuard Sweatshirt

You know how to keep your face and hands well-protected when you're welding, but what about the rest of you? Cover yourself in this ~Black Stallion Men's JF1332 OR Hi-Vis Orange TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt. It's way more comfortable than other protective equipment, and it's going to keep you safer while you work.

This premium sweatshirt is manufactured with flame-resistant cotton knit material. Natural cotton fibers are soft to the touch and breathable, so you'll stay comfortable all day. Flame-resistant cotton takes things to a whole new level of safety, too. It resists burning, scorching, melting - all of that stuff that you don't want ruining your otherwise great day. The removable hood attaches to the Black Stallion sweatshirt with sturdy snaps.

A welder's collar keeps your neck protected as well. The full zippered front is covered with a protective flap to guard you against sparks. The front pockets have overlap closures to keep the stuff inside secure, too. There's even a scribe pocket for your soapstone holder, which is just another added convenience for all of you welders out there. A flame-resistant label on the sleeve of the men's sweatshirt shows inspectors that you know what you’re doing.

The hi-vis orange color keeps you highly visible even in low light conditions. Wide, 2-inch strips of reflective taping surround you in the middle and cross up over your shoulders to become a bold “X” in the back. This way, even when your back is turned, others behind you can still see you. Bright yellow borders outline the reflective taping, so it's a material that's designed to light up and reflect light even in dim conditions.

When you're welding, it's not just certain parts of your body that need to be protected. All of your needs to be protected. Put on this Black Stallion Men's JF1332 OR Hi-Vis TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Cotton Hooded Orange Sweatshirt from Working Person's Store, and you'll keep the other important parts of you safe, too.

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Manufactured Sizes: REG: MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

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Fire Resistant, High Visibility