Black Stallion Bags: GB150 BSX Black Welding Tool Bag

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Black Stallion GB150 Welders Toolbag

Black Stallion Bags: GB150 BSX Black Welding Tool Bag

We know how frustrating it is when you reach for a tool, only to find it isn’t there. Let us help you solve your problem. You can hold all your essential work gear in the ~Black Stallion GB150 BSX Black Welding Tool Work Bag. This black bag is made for large capacity loads, so you don't have to go without the items you need. The extremely durable design is perfect for people who aren't sure which tools to bring. Don’t be limited by what you can carry - get something that can carry all your gear.

This Black Stallion bag is designed to hold your helmet, welding jacket, grinder, work gloves and any other tools you might need to add to the pile to get the job done. Carry it with the dual handles, or slide the shoulder strap on to carry it on your arm. For some loads, you might find that you need both.

There's no way you're lugging that heavy metal tool box around on the job site. For something that's easier and more comfortable to carry, choose this durable welding bag. The tool pockets and a zippered end pocket provide quick-access storage pockets while allowing you to organize your tool selection for the day. The main compartment has a large opening that makes it easy to access the gear inside.

The Black Stallion GB150 BSX Black Welding Tool Bag is made to hold the stuff you need, even when there’s a lot of it. Is there a better work companion than that?

If you're looking for a little extra something for your new Black Stallion bag, add embroidery. We can add names and logos to this tool bag, all you have to do is ask!

Manufactured Sizes: One size only

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