Black Stallion Gloves: GS1321 BG Blue Long Cuff Cowhide Welding Gloves

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Black Stallion Gloves: GS1321 BG Stick Split Cowhide Padded Long Cuff Blue Welding Gloves

Black Stallion Gloves: GS1321 BG Blue Long Cuff Cowhide Welding Gloves

When you think about welding, soft, pillowy comfort usually doesn't come to your mind. However, aggressive sparks and dangerous heat do. While these ~Black Stallion GS1321 BG Blue Padded Long Cuff Split Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves aren't equivalent to sleeping in and lounging in your bed (you're all about getting out there and getting work done!), they do offer extended padded RestPatches to give you comfort and protection during long periods of welding.

The Black Stallion gloves also feature reinforced palms for durability and additional coverage. Your job is no easy task, and that's why the gloves are made out of high quality slit cowhide for long-lasting wear and abrasion-resistance. To make sure your hands have even more padding, there are CushionCore lined palms and backs, as well as wide palm reinforcements.

The blue gloves heavily insulated along their long cuffs to ensure you have superior protection against the heat you're working with on a daily basis. The rugged design of the leather gloves incorporates Kevlar stitches, and the seams are welted to protect these stitches and make the Black Stallion workwear long-lasting.

Not everyone could handle your dangerous job, but you're up for the challenge. Take the time to get the right kind of protection...because your hands need it! Order these Black Stallion GS1321 BG Blue Long Cuff Split Cowhide Stick Welding Padded Gloves from Working Person's Store today!

Manufactured Sizes: REG: LG, XL

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Cow Hide
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Insulated, Kevlar Stitching