Black Stallion Gloves: GS1715 BT Impact-Resistant Welding Gloves

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Black Stallion Gloves: Cowhide Palm Welding GS1715 BT Impact Resistant Gloves

Black Stallion Gloves: GS1715 BT Impact-Resistant Welding Gloves

Gather 'round, welders. It’s time to treat your most important tools - your hands - to the kind of high-level safety, comfort, and dexterity they desperately need when you’re elbow-deep in a complex project. (Metaphorically, that is. We hope.) Any welder is sure to agree that finding a good pair of welding gloves that meet all of the required protective standards, yet still allows for free movement of the hands and comfort all day long, is harder than any detail weld. Luckily for welders everywhere, the ~Black Stallion GS1715 BT Impact-Resistant Cowhide Palm With FR Liners Welding Gloves have come along to solve a whole bunch of problems in a single swoop. Well, a double one, technically - there should be two of them in the box.

These Black Stallion gloves are engineered specifically for welding, and they're designed to take into account all of the potential safety issues, as well as the actual tasks involved with getting the job done. They’re made with 100% genuine leather outer shells, as opposed to many welding gloves on the market that have cloth or rubber-like shells. The leather is longer-lasting and more protective, as well as more supple and comfortable to wear. It moves with your hands, and when you’re handling heat, dangerous tools, and sensitive materials, that’s pretty darned important. The palms and fingertips of the impact-resistant cowhide gloves, which are areas where you need a bit more sensitivity, are made from slightly thinner, more flexible split cowhide leather for increased dexterity that still doesn’t sacrifice safety.

The backs of these quality welding impact-resistant gloves are fitted with flame-resistant liner patches in the places where it matters most, like along the fingers and on the delicate metacarpal bones. These liners are not only resistant to flames; they also provide insulation against uncomfortable or dangerous heat, as well as protection against impacts. Yet they remain super flexible - just like your hands. Meanwhile, trademarked DragPatch inserts on the palms add durability and padding to the “hot zone” parts of your hands that are often exposed to the most heat, and RestPatch trademarked features built into the wrists provide padding and comfort along the point of the wrist bone.

Talk about intense protection. You’ll be grateful for all the ways in which these flame-resistant liner work gloves are working overtime to keep your hands protected like the valuable assets they are. You’ll be just as grateful for the serious comfort you feel when you’re wearing them.

The true sign of successful welding gloves is whether it’s possible to forget that you’re wearing them at all and to just focus your mind on your welding work. With the Black Stallion GS1715 BT Impact-Resistant Cowhide Palm Welding Gloves from Working Person's Store, you might not actually forget you’re wearing them. But that’ll only be because you’re marveling at how great - and safe - they make your hands feel. Weld-on, my friend.

Manufactured Sizes: REG: LG, XL

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