Black Stallion Gloves: Men's 110 Cowhide Standard Split Welding Gloves

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110 Black stallion welding gloves

Black Stallion Gloves: Men's 110 Cowhide Standard Split Welding Gloves

Welding can be a dangerous business if you don't have the right protection, and with these ~Black Stallion Men's 110 Cowhide Welding Work Gloves by Revco, you can have good protection for a great price. You have to be able to trust your equipment if you're going to be able to concentrate on your job. Revco has spent 30 years building quality protective hand gear, and these Black Stallion gloves will give you the peace of mind you need to do your job right.

These men's gloves are made from shoulder split cowhide and have a reliable construction. The palm seams sewn at the fingers and the finger seams are on the top of the fingers. The cowhide gloves have gauntlet style cuffs and straight thumbs for excellent dexterity and range of motion, so you can firmly grasp your tools while wearing them. The gauntlet style wrists give better protection to your wrists, and their thumb strap style adds reinforcement.

This welding hand protection is very easy to wear because it's fully sock-lined with cotton for improved comfort. It's stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar with spark-resisting welts on the seams to add more protection as well as excellent durability. These standard gloves will maintain their integrity throughout many welding sessions, and they'll give you an excellent level of protection.

You just can't keep going if your work accessories fall apart every other time you use them, so you have to stick with a brand that's known for great protective handwear. Order these great Black Stallion Men's 110 Welding Standard Split Cowhide Red Gloves today, so you can get back to work safely and with the protection you need to work well.

Sizes Manufactured: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Detailed Product Specifications

Cow Hide
Safety Features
Fire Resistant
Glove Features
Kevlar Stitching, Reinforced Fingertips
Material Handling, Tool Work, Welding