Black Stallion Gloves: Men's GD1611 PG Grey Cowhide Leather Driver's Gloves

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Black Stallion Gloves: GD1611 PG Cowhide Men's Grey Driver's Gloves

Black Stallion Gloves: Men's GD1611 PG Grey Cowhide Leather Driver's Gloves

When the work is tough, you can’t afford to have men's gloves that let you down. Don’t chance it, instead, invest in the high-quality grain cowhide leather work gloves by Black Stallion. A company that specializes in hard-working gloves and accessories, Black Stallion knows how to make leather gloves that work. The most economical of leathers without sacrificing quality, grain cowhide offers durability, grip, and flexibility while protecting your hands on the job. When you add the dexterity of the driver’s glove design, these ~Black Stallion Men’s GD1611 PG Grey Cowhide Driver’s Gloves are the perfect choice for your digits.

The GD1611 style is a pair of driver’s gloves made to work hard right along with you. The grain leather cowhide palm offers you plenty of grip and movement as you work, while the split cowhide back protects your hands in supple, durable leather. The grain cowhide is a durable leather, yet a more economical cut than other options, making these cowhide gloves budget-friendly yet durable. The abrasion resistance of cowhide makes this leather an ideal choice for workwear of any kind, and add the unique ability of cowhide to strengthen over time, these are a long-lasting investment you won’t be sorry you made.

For even more longevity, these leather cowhide gloves are double-stitched on the seams. The winged thumb offers the most room to move, creating the classic driver’s glove design, one that offers a close fit with plenty of dexterity. With no seams on the thumb, you have less chance of irritation during use. These men’s grey gloves are ideal for equipment operators, mechanics, or anyone in need of excellent grip and flexible dexterity. Whether the work is steering or involves delicate repair, your Black Stallion gloves will not get in the way while protecting your hands and enhancing your grip.

So for plenty of protection that you'll want to always have with you, check out these versatile Black Stallion Men’s GD1611 PG Grey Cowhide Driver’s Gloves. They're available right here at Working Person's Store, so order your pair today. The highest quality of glove design and cowhide leather is used by Black Stallion, a company who understands the kind of work you do. Built on a reputation you can trust, Black Stallion makes work gloves and accessories for the toughest of job conditions. These grain and split cowhide gloves off the best of both worlds - one of quality and one of economy - while offering Black Stallion accessories that get the job done with flexibility and precision. The driver’s glove is the best choice for a close fit that protects when you need it. Add a pair or two to your cart today to bring enjoying all the benefits these driver’s gloves can add to your day.

Manufactured Sizes: REG: MD, LG, XL, 2XL

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