Black Stallion Jackets: Men's BXRB9C BSX Blue Stryker FR Welding Jacket

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Black Stallion Jackets: Blue Stryker FR Welding Jacket W/Flames BXRB9C
Flame Resistant

Black Stallion Jackets: Men's BXRB9C BSX Blue Stryker FR Welding Jacket

Blue flames decorate the sides of the ~Black Stallion Men's BXRB9C BSX Blue Stryker Flame-Resistant Welding Work Jacket. Fire is usually red or orange, but these flames are blue because they're cool instead of hot. This Black Stallion jacket is made to take the heat, so you can focus on work.

This premium protected wear is constructed with 9 ounce bright blue cotton. This jacket is soft to the touch and breathable for all day long comfort. In addition the fabric resists the heat of flame and dangerous sparks. The welder's collar even keeps your neck safe while you work.

Extended length coverage helps you stay safe when you do any essential work maneuver. Dual inside and scribe pockets provide you with plenty of storage space because a work shirt has to have more than just safety. You can use the adjustable cuffs and waist straps to get a comfortable fit. You can even have this exceptional workwear custom embroidered by the Working Person's store with additional cost.

Order one of these for yourself today. This Black Stallion Men's BXRB9C Stryker FR Welding Blue Jacket has the cooling color of water, the stuff that’s used to put out fire. That’s not an accident of the design - it’s a promise.

Sizes Manufactured: Regular S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

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