Black Stallion Jackets: Men's FRB9 30C PS Pigskin Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket

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FRB9 30C PS Black Stallion Jacket
Flame Resistant

Black Stallion Jackets: Men's FRB9 30C PS Pigskin Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket

You arrive at the costume party, and you walk up the stairs of the big home. The parking area is full, and the valets are waiting for more guests to arrive. The front door opens as you approach it, and the host of the party greets you, delighted with your costume. You look around, and everyone is wearing welding jackets. Some are all cowhide, many are colorful, but you know now that your ~Black Stallion Men's FRB9 30C BS FR Blue Welding Work Jacket will win the prize for best welder's costume.

The Black Stallion jacket has split cowhide sleeves and a hybrid body made of durable fabrics. Treated to keep you safe, the hybrid flame-resistant 9-ounce cotton fabric provides lightweight breathable protection. The combination of FR fabric and extra resilient grain pigskin leather gives you cool, comfortable, and dependable flame-resistant protection when you need it. Just now, you wish your blue sequined costume mask was half as cool and comfortable. You reel backward as a glass of cabernet spills in your direction as one of the other guests waves a lit torch around attempting to light candles. Not to worry, this men's jacket is also washable up to 50 home laundering cycles without losing its FR properties.

The Black Stallion Men's FRB9 30C BS FR Blue Welding Flame-Resistant Jacket with pigskin leather provides the perfect combination of comfort without sacrificing protection or durability. Wear one to your next Welder's masquerade! If you'd rather skip that and stick to welding at work, we'll fully support that decision, too.


Take the chest measurement by measuring under the armpits around the fullest part of the chest.

Small- 36"-38" Chest

Medium- 40"-42" Chest

Large- 44"-46" Chest

X-Large- 48"-50" Chest

2X-Large- 52"-54" Chest Add $5.00

3X-Large- 56"-58" Chest Add $10.00

4X-Large- 60"-62" Chest Add $18.00

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