Black Stallion Jackets: Men's JF1012 LM Hi Vis Lime Green FR Welding TruGuard 200 Jacket

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Black Stallion Jackets: JF1012 LM FR TruGuard 200 Men's Hi Vis Lime Welding Jacket
Flame Resistant

Black Stallion Jackets: Men's JF1012 LM Hi Vis Lime Green FR Welding TruGuard 200 Jacket

You wouldn't try to change a tire without a spare, or paint a wall without a roller. Even the toughest guys can't do tough jobs without the right tools. That's why you need to add this ~Black Stallion Men's JF1012 LM Hi Vis Lime Green TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket to your wardrobe.

This Black Stallion jacket is specifically designed to be protective. It's manufactured with 9-ounce, flame-resistant cotton material that protects you from scorching, burning, melting, and all of that bad stuff that's associated with dangerous heat. This flame-resistant jacket is perfect for light welding work, so make sure to always have it with you. When you don't want sparks to fly up and damage your work clothes, you wear a men's jacket that can keep you safe.

There's an "X" reflective design on the back of this welding jacket, and there are more 2-inch silver reflective strips on the front. The silver reflects light to keep you bright and highly visible, even in low lighting conditions. That's why this hi vis jacket is also a bright lime green. It's made to get attention, and that ensures your safety when you work.

In fact, this Black Stallion workwear is all about your safety. There's even a pass-through built in so you can add a fall protection harness when you need to up your safety game. Use the inside pocket and scribe pocket to store your odds and ends. The snap front and snap wrists make this work jacket easy to get on and off - because when you go to work early in the morning, buttons can be a real nightmare.

You can't do your job without the right tools, and that means having the right safety clothing, too. This Black Stallion Men's JF1012 LM Hi-Vis TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Welding Lime Green Jacket from Working Person's Store is definitely the right safety clothing for you.

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Manufactured Sizes: REG: SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Detailed Product Specifications

Safety Features
Fire Resistant, High Visibility
No Hood