Black Stallion Sweatshirts: Men's JF1331 BK Black Flame-Resistant TruGuard Hooded Sweatshirt

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Black Stallion Sweatshirts: JF1331 BK FR TruGuard 200 Men's Black Hooded Sweatshirt
Flame Resistant

Black Stallion Sweatshirts: Men's JF1331 BK Black Flame-Resistant TruGuard Hooded Sweatshirt

The moment mankind discovered how to control fire, mankind started to advance. That's when humans began to build communities, ocean liners, and skyscrapers - all because they learned to use fire, and use it to manipulate metal. For the men who work with metal and fire, this ~Black Stallion Men's JF1331 BK Black TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt was made for you.

When you work with metal and fire, you deserve more than safety - you deserve comfort, too. This flame-resistant sweatshirt is made with soft, natural cotton knit fibers to keep you comfortable all day long. Cotton is famous for being machine-washable, and it's easy to wear. In addition to softness, flame-resistant cotton also withstands scorching, melting, burning, and the heat you work with on a daily basis. Just show the flame-resistant label on the sleeve to any safety inspector for a nod of approval.

Pull up the hood on the Black Stallion sweatshirt to protect your head, or take it off when you don't want it. Sturdy snaps keep it in place when you want to wear it. Either way, the welder's collar rises up to protect your neck as well. Even the full-front zipper is protected with a flap, so the tiniest sparks won't find chinks in your welding armor. The front pockets of the men's sweatshirt are protected with overlap closures to keep the stuff inside safer, too. Because you're a welder, there's a scribe pocket for your soapstone holder.

Because it's designed in basic black, it's always in fashion whether you're on the job site or not. When you're a man who's learned how to control fire and metal, you need to control of your safety, too. Do it with this Black Stallion Men's JF1331 BK TruGuard 200 Flame-Resistant Cotton Hooded Black Sweatshirt from Working Person's Store.

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