Carhartt Hats: Men's 104512 BLK Black Rib Knit Winter Hat

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Carhartt Hats: Men's 104512 BLK Rib Knit Winter Hat

Carhartt Hats: Men's 104512 BLK Black Rib Knit Winter Hat

On the bright side, we don't live on Mars - those temperatures would be downright brutal. Unfortunately, Mother Nature likes to play games. For those bitter cold days when you still have to venture outdoors, be sure you're wearing one of these ~Carhartt Men's 104512 BLK Black Rib Knit Winter Hats. We have them available to order right here at Working Person's Store. (Unless they're out of stock which means they sold super quick because...well, why wouldn't everyone want this excellent black rib-knit hat?) Get your order placed today!

The 100% acrylic stretchable rib-knit fabric ensures a flexible, secure fit you can trust. You want your noggin to remain warm all day, so this Carhartt winter design is up for the task. There are two knit structures, and you can use the fold-up cuff to find the best fit and look you want. There's even a nifty Carhartt rubber logo sewn right onto the front of the men's cold-weather gear to let you show off the brand you love. And hey, we love them, too. That's why we offer so many of their durable products right here on our website.

Acquire the outdoor accessories you need to stay warm during those tougher workdays on planet Earth. Order this awesome Carhartt Men's 104512 BLK Black Rib Knit Winter Hat today from Working Person's Store!

Detailed Product Specifications

Fabric Weight
Outdoor Weather
Cold, Cool, Sub-Zero