Carhartt Glasses: Ironside Bronze Anti-Fog CHB618DTCC Safety Glasses

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Carhartt Glasses: CHB618DTCC Anti-Fog Ironside Bronze Safety Glasses

Carhartt Glasses: Ironside Bronze Anti-Fog CHB618DTCC Safety Glasses

Outdoor work shouldn't be slowed down by the sun. That includes the sun's effect on your eyes. They need protection from the hazards at work, too, but clear lenses aren't doing you any good. You require lenses that lessen the sun's impact and let you work with your eyes wide open and focused. These ~Carhartt Ironside Bronze Anti-Fog CHB618DTCC Safety Glasses are fully capable of protecting your eyes from the sun with lenses that are anti-fog - these safety glasses are built to stay on your face comfortably while you work under the sun's rays.

It's all about the lenses with these anti-fog Carhartt glasses, and they're designed to offer contrast in low light conditions and fully blocks UVA and UVB rays. The visible light transmitted through the lens is only 23%, and blue light is blocked 87%of the time. IR (infrared radiation) is blocked 55% of the time. The sandstone bronze lenses are also anti-fog, so you'll have clear vision throughout the day.

Work glasses can be extremely uncomfortable when they're worn for long periods of time, but these Ironside bronze glasses are meant for it. They'll rest comfortably on your nose and temples without causing pain, thanks to a rubber nosepiece and rubber temple tips. The rubber will sit softly against your skin instead of causing painful indentations. At the same time, the rubber pieces hold the Carhartt safety eyewear in place and make sure it stays in place. Lastly, the straight back and flexible temples make for a comfortable, secure fit.

For all-day eye protection from the sun’s harmful rays and other hazards, these Carhartt Ironside Bronze Anti-Fog CHB618DTCC Safety Glasses are the way to go. They'll fit comfortably on your face without causing unwanted pain, and they certainly won’t fall off, fit loosely, or annoy you during the wear. Get them here at Working Person’s Store today. Protect your vision with this Carhartt gear!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

Detailed Product Specifications

Impact Standard
ANSI Z87.1+
Lense Color
Lense Use
Low Light, Outdoor
Lense Features
Anti-Fog, UVA/UVB