Carhartt Wallets: B000021820199 Oil Tan Passcase Leather Wallet

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Carhartt Wallets: Passcase B000021820199 Leather Wallet

Carhartt Wallets: B000021820199 Oil Tan Passcase Leather Wallet

Your old leather wallet just won’t do. It’s cracking, tearing, and falling apart from many years of use. You need to upgrade to something that's new and durable so that you can carry your important cards and money without the fear of them falling out and becoming lost. If you're ready to upgrade to something better, you need to get this ~Carhartt B000021820199 Oil Tan Passcase Leather Wallet. This Carhartt wallet is very durable and has a rugged finish. We know that it will hold up and securely carry your items.

This Carhartt oil tan passcase leather wallet is constructed with plenty of storage space to carry your important personal items. This passcase wallet features six credit card holders, two side pockets, and a billfold that's lined with cotton duck fabric. The credit card holders are very well designed and are perfect for carrying any type of cards (debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, business cards, etc.). The two side pockets are great for holding your loose change as well. The billfold will secure your paper bills, too. Plus, the billfold area is lined with cotton duck fabric, which is known for being super durable.

When you get a men's wallet, you want it to last, right? This Carhartt oil tan wallet is very durable and built to last. It's made with full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is widely known for being extremely durable and resistant to scuffs. In other words, this Carhartt wallet will remain in tip-top shape through years of use. The accessory also has a oil finish with slight shine to give it a rugged look. When you pull this out of your pocket, all of your pals will be asking where you got it (and tell them Working Person's Store!).

We all know that Carhartt produces the best of the best. This oil tan passcase leather wallet is no exception. It's built durable, trendy, and with plenty of storage space. The full-grain leather is made to handle your hectic lifestyle. The tan fabric with a shiny oil finish is very smooth looking. The storage space is plentiful and will secure all your money. Could it get any better? We think not. To remind you that you own the best, this billfold wallet features a small embossed Carhartt logo. This logo adds detail to the product.

Retire that old, worn out wallet and replace it with this Carhartt B000021820199 Oil Tan Passcase Leather Wallet! Order yours from Working Person’s Store today.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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