Carhartt Wallets: Men's B000021320199 Black Detroit Passcase Wallet

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Carhartt Wallets: CH 62243 001 Detroit Passcase Men's Black Wallet

Carhartt Wallets: Men's B000021320199 Black Detroit Passcase Wallet

If you just throw your money in your pocket, you’re setting yourself up for it becoming lost, misplaced, or stolen in the laundry room. (This is especially true if your mom's still doing your laundry...she doesn't work for free, you know!) The better choice is to put your hard-earned money in this ~Carhartt Men's B000021320199 Black Detroit Passcase Wallet! This rugged men's wallet will protect and secure your money, cards, and ID. Better yet, this Carhartt wallet is very durable and will stay with you for the long haul - just don't forget to take it out of your back pocket before tossing your blue jeans into the laundry hamper.

First off, you're looking at a passcase wallet that's designed and produced by Carhartt. If you're familiar with Carhartt, you know that they strive to make the best products possible. If you aren’t familiar with Carhartt, you need to be. Carhartt is known for producing some of the best work apparel and accessories. This black Detroit passcase wallet is no exception! It's designed with high fabric and a durable build. You can confidently secure your moolah and credit cards within this bad boy.

For an even stronger construction, this Carhartt black Detroit passcase wallet features a contrast stitching reinforced spine and a sweat-resistant patch on half of the exterior. The reinforced spine gives this wallet superior durability. The sweat-resistant patch keeps the wallet cool and dry. This accessory is strong and ready to haul all of your personal cards within it.

Have you ever owned anything made out of top grain leather? If not, you've truly been missing out. Top grain leather is very durable and gives off a rugged look. This Carhartt black wallet is made with high-quality top grain leather, which means it's built to provide long-lasting wear. Better yet, top grain leather hides blemishes and fights against your average wear and tear. This means that this Carhartt passcase will stay in tip-top shape through many, many uses!

Now let’s take a look at the storage space inside this Detroit wallet. It features six credit card pockets, two side pockets, and a place for carrying your bills. All of this storage space gives you enough room to securely carry all of your important items and more. There are two ID windows as well, making your life a little easier. Even better yet, the interior of this black billfold is lined with brown cotton duck fabric. This fabric is very durable and will provide an excellent base for your personal items.

This comes in a slick, black color. This versatile color helps hide small marks and blemishes, and the interior of the wallet is lined with brown cotton duck. When you carry this Carhartt wallet, you'll be walking around in style.

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