CAT Apparel Knee Pads: CW91 016 Black Workman Knee Pads

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CAT Apparel Knee Pads: Workman Black 1120039 016 Knee Pads

CAT Apparel Knee Pads: CW91 016 Black Workman Knee Pads

Tired, achy knees can be blamed on age. You can put the blame on past athletic participation as well. One thing you shouldn't blame it on, though, is not having the proper cushioning beneath those big leg joints when you're kneeling for work projects. That's because you should have these ~CAT Apparel CW91 016 Black Workman Knee Pads underneath you for excellent comfort.

Rest your patellas on these black knee pads, and you'll enjoy the fact that their ergonomically designed. Constructed out of 100% EVA, these CAT knee pads are built to protect you, while also providing proper cushioning. In fact, these are EN 14404 certified. This means you'll have protection for work in the kneeling position, and you'll feel better knowing they've been tested to meet specific requirements.

These Workman pads fit all CAT workwear bottoms that feature top-loading knee pad openings. In their one-size-fits-all style, you'll have the ultimate knee protection, as well as wearer comfort. Flat, hard surfaces can cause injuries, so it's important to stay prepared. You know how your one knee aches when it's going to rain? While that's probably an old football injury that still needs to get checked out by a doctor, the comfort from these CAT accessories can only help. They can't heal past injuries, but they can assist in keeping you comfortable when your work requires a lot of kneeling.

Roofers, carpet installers, floor and tile layers, and hey - even dancers could use these CAT Apparel CW91 016 Black Workman Knee Pads. Add these to your Working Person's Store shopping cart today, so you can then add knee cushioning to your work days!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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