District Bags: DT715 OR Orange Retro Backpack

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District Bags: Orange DT715 OR Retro Backpack

District Bags: DT715 OR Orange Retro Backpack

Stand out in a crowd with a travel backpack that delivers retro style with a spunky attitude. This ~District DT715 OR Orange Retro Backpack will keep everything you need (that will fit!) safe and secure while you blaze a trail through your day.

This retro bag is big enough to hold your essentials, measuring in at a roomy l17.75" h x 12.25" w x 5.25” d. Whether you're carrying books, gym gear, or provisions for the trail, this orange backpack is roomy enough to hold the things you need.

And feel free to stuff it because it’s made of 600 Denier polyester fabric - strong, durable, made for rugged wear.

Sling it on your back and stop putting a bunch of uneven weight on your hands and arms. With padded shoulder straps, this convenient District backpack does what a backpack is supposed to do - it lets you carry your belongings hands-free with the weight distributed.

In addition to the roomy interior, this orange unisex backpack has pockets to help you pack and carry efficiently. There is an interior pocket, a front zippered pocket, and a media port. The media port lets you securely stow your phone or small electronic gear and still have easy access.

This durable, strong retro bag sports some serious style, too. This one is a bright orange. You won’t have to look twice to pick out your travel bag. Grab it and go.

The bottom of the design, the straps, and the exterior pocket are black. It strikes a good contrast with the orange body and is practical, too. Let’s face it - hiking backpacks are meant to protect the contents, but they pick up a lot of dust and dirt along the way. Black helps hide the soil you can’t avoid when you are on the go.

The style doesn’t stop when you open this up - the interior lining features a sassy stripe. Because why should storage be boring?

When you're ready for a dependable retro backpack that’s as fun and feisty as you are - and still gets the job done - be sure to get yourself this District DT715 OR Orange Retro Backpack. We have yours right here at Working Person’s Store. Order today!

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