District Bags: DT715 PNK Pink Retro Backpack

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District Bags: DT715 PNK Unisex Retro Pink Backpack

District Bags: DT715 PNK Pink Retro Backpack

Just because you want a sturdy backpack where you can carry your stuff safely and securely shouldn’t mean you settle for some dreary travel bag that looks like every other one on the street. Get yourself a school or work backpack with some pink panache when you buy this ~District DT715 PNK Pink Retro Backpack. It will get you and your gear where you're going - and will perk up your day, too.

This roomy retro bag has plenty of space to store everything you need. It’s great for books, papers, clothes, trail gear, and more. And at 17.75" h x 12.25" w x 5.25" d, there’s room for lots of stuff.

It’s strong, too, made with 600 Denier polyester fabric. Denier describes the thickness of a fiber, and a higher-count denier is stronger. Count on this District bag for durability.

Free up your hands and get all that weight off your arms by carrying this pink backpack evenly on your back. The padded shoulder straps keep things comfortable up top.

For storage, this unisex bag has the pockets you need. There's an interior pocket and a front zippered pocket to help keep things both handy and secure.

And since District knows you want easy access to your small electronics, this retro travel bag has a media port. Keep your gear secure and access it easily with the media port.

This good-looking bag from District packs some serious spirit when it comes to color. It’s a bright pink so you won’t have trouble finding it in a sea of other school bags. And when you look inside - surprise! No dark, boring lining for this design. It’s lined with a striped fabric that’s as fun as the pink exterior.

 And this unisex pink backpack is practical, too. The straps, bottom, and exterior pocket are black. You can’t avoid picking up some grime along the path of your day, and this District product helps hide it with black fabric in the key dirt-attracting spots.

Say so long to boring when it comes to your unisex backpack. Set off in style with this District DT715 PNK Pink Retro Backpack. We have yours right here at Working Person’s Store. Order today!

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