Ergodyne Caps: Men's 8950 Navy Skullerz Long Brim Bump Cap

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Ergodyne Caps: Men's 8950 Navy Skullerz Long Brim Bump Cap

Ergodyne Caps: Men's 8950 Navy Skullerz Long Brim Bump Cap

Getting a bump on your head is never a good thing unless you're a bull waiting for horns to grow. Head protection can prevent those bumps on the noggin and prevent serious injury. EN 812: 2012 certified, this ~Ergodyne 8950 Men's Skullerz Navy Bump Cap provides protection and keeps you looking good while doing it. Currently the world's only standard for bump cap design and performance, EN 812 certification requires the cap and shell system undergo rigorous testing to prove protection from impact and penetration under various conditions.

This Ergodyne cap provides proper protection against cranial bumps and bruises while delivering exceptional comfort. It features durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic construction on the outside to protect you, and comfortable thermo-formed foam padding on the inside to cushion your head. The unique flanged shell of this blue cap expands or contracts to fit the workers' head for a secure, comfortable fit, while ribs provide stability and support. In addition, an innovative ventilation system and sculpted rear opening allow the shell to protect and breathe. The shell of this Skullerz cap can also be easily removed for cleaning.

The nylon taslan cap construction includes strategically placed side and rear mesh venting panels, as well as reflective accents. This textured nylon fabric is lightweight and has a durable water-resistant finish, so it'll dry very quickly. Meanwhile, the mesh provides breathability so you'll remain comfortable throughout your work day.

This Ergodyne hat is great for applications that don't require a hard hat, but still have overhead hazards. Jobs like mechanical work or baggage handling are ideal for an Ergodyne 8950 Men's Skullerz Navy Bump Cap. It simply provides brimmed head protection without the additional height and bulk of a traditional hard hat.

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