Ergodyne Towels: 6602 Orange Chill-Its Cooling Evaporative Towel

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Ergodyne Towels: 6602 Chill-Its Evaporative Orange Cooling Towel

Ergodyne Towels: 6602 Orange Chill-Its Cooling Evaporative Towel

Relaxing after an intense day of work just got a little more enjoyable. Wrap this ~Ergodyne 6602 Orange Chill-Its Cooling Evaporative Towel around the back of your neck or place it across your forehead, and you'll have hours of cooling comfort. Workouts can get a quite a bit sweaty, too, so you can use this Ergodyne towel to absorb your perspiration as well. This is designed with a special advanced PVA cooling technology, which makes this act quickly. You don't want to wait around to cool off, so let this bright orange towel help you stay at ease after a busy work day or workout.

In order to utilize this Chill-Its evaporative towel efficiently, all you have to do is run it under cold water for one minute. That's all! This Ergodyne product has a fast activation time, so get ready to have plenty of cooling technology at your fingertips. Once you dampen the synthetic space age towel, this creates a cooling aid that's significantly colder than the surrounding air. It's super-evaporative, too, so it'll absorb your sweat if you need it to. Since it's easy to activate, you'll want to keep at least one of these cooling towels on hand at all times. The advanced PVA technology lets this act quickly and simply, so you can wear this for hours if needed, or even just for a quick relief.

If you want to reactivate it for even more cooling power, you can just re-wet it. It's that simple! This orange accessory is also machine washable for easy care, and it measures in at a compact yet effective 13 inches by 29.5 inches (33 cm by 75 cm). With it feeling much cooler than the ambient air, this has multiple applications. Whether you're involved with construction, freight, baggage, drilling, mining, iron, steel work, agriculture, solar, landscaping or grounds work, as well as many other career fields, you'll find this orange Ergodyne towel to be rather useful, especially in warmer work environments.

Don't just reach for any old cotton towel to help you cool down after a tough day. Choose the advanced technology within this Ergodyne 6602 Orange Chill-Its Cooling Evaporative Towel from Working Person's Store, and you'll notice the difference right away. It's quick and easy to activate, and you'll have hours of cooling relief you can count on to handle those warmer work days.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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