Georgia Boots: Kids' Brown G213 Full Grain Outdoor Lacer Boots

This Product Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacturer. We Recommend This Replacement:

Key Overalls: Men's Firm Hand Cotton Denim 273 41 Bib Overalls

Key Overalls: Men's Firm Hand Cotton Denim 273 41 Bib Overalls

Georgia Boots: Kids G213 Brown Outdoor Lacer Boots

Georgia Boots: Kids' Brown G213 Full Grain Outdoor Lacer Boots

Work shoes for men are made with all those special features, those little extras to keep feet safe and comfortable when they’re hard at work. But it's the littlest feet that work the hardest and the longest. That's why ~Georgia Kids' Brown G213 Full Grain Leather Outdoor Lacer Boots are designed with all those features you'll find in grown-up work boots. They’re made to keep little feet as safe and comfortable as possible.

Full-grain leather was used to make the logger style uppers of these children's boots. It's the same tough stuff Georgia uses for their fully-loaded lacer boots. Full-grain is some of the only material durable enough to withstand even young children, who know how to tear up clothes and shoes. But the leather is also soft, made to be pliable and flexible around those little feet to protect all the big steps they take when wearing these Georgia boots. The Velva tan color is light brown, a neutral shade that will match anything else they're wearing.

Covered side seams guard the leather against abrasion and keep the design durable in these kids boots. The quarters are unlined, which makes them perfect for warm weather wear, too. Without lining, these Georgia boots are lightweight and comfortable in all temperatures.

To protect all those steps and stomps and foot movements that little feet do, shock-absorbing insoles have been included in these leather boots. The cushioning insoles are covered with fabric for additional softness. They absorb painful shock and keep little feet stepping lightly.

The outsoles of these outdoor boots are lightweight, too. They won't weigh steps down because kids don't need anything holding them back. Shock-resistant rubber absorbs force with each step to keep each step a little bit safer and more comfortable. Oil-resistance protects the rubber from harsh corrosive chemicals. Kids are always finding stuff they aren't supposed to find. At least these Georgia boots can protect against it.

Keep those little steps lightweight, cushioned, flexible, and well-protected when you keep them in these Georgia Kids' Brown G213 Full Grain Leather Outdoor Lacer Boots. The stylish, soft leather uppers and distinct look certainly won't get any complaints from them, either. These are made to work because that's what little kids do when they're hard at play.

Manufactured Sizes: M 1-6, 8.5-13.5

Detailed Product Specifications

Youth Boy's
Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Hooks / Eyelets
Not Waterproof
Abrasion Resistant
Oil Resistant
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Oil Resistant