Embroidered Logo Digitization

Embroidered logos

The Working Person's Store specializes in custom embroidery of your company logo. Before we can embroider your company logo it must first be digitized. Logo digitization is the process of taking your company logo and translating it into a set of instructions that our embroidery equipment will use to custom stitch your logo.

Commitment to Quality

Logo digitization is not a simple process and has taken us years to perfect. The quality of the embroidery is directly related to the quality of the digitized image. Converting flat art or a printed image into a digitized file that will produce depth and dimension without our level of experience can be difficult and we are committed to doing it right.

Fast Turnaround

Our team is usually able to digitize your logo within two business days. You can either appove the work via photo copy or we are happy to mail an embroidered sample. Learn more about our custom embroidery service.

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