Composite Toe Shoes

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So you have to wear foot protection at your job? Time to find some big, clunky, steel-toe boots then, huh? Bummer. Except, well, actually, that's not the way it has to be. You have another option. For those who need to protect their toes, but don't need the full-on steel-toe get-up, go with a pair of composite toe shoes. They will feel so good that you might even forget you are wearing anything other than your around-the-house sneakers. Composite toe shoes offer the protection similar to steel-toe boots, but without the steel and without the boot. Instead, the toe caps are made of a composite material that protects with the strength of steel, but without the weight or bulk. There are a lot of different types of composite toe shoes to choose from, which look like all different kinds of regular shoes, from running shoes, to oxford shoes, to trail shoes, to athletic shoes to slip-on loafers, and are made from the top manufacturers in the industry, from Reebok, Nautilus, Florsheim, Rockport, Caterpillar, Rocky, Keen and more. And just like they're more traditional steel-toe cousins, they still meet ASTM safety standards, and also are rated for electrical hazards. They are perfect for the kind of job that needs safety but also comfort and style, like a supervisor who drives from job site to job site, who can enjoy the comfort of driving in a regular shoe, without compromising safety once he gets out of the car.

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