Muck Boots: Women's M2LW 000 Black Muckster II Low Insulated Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's M2LW 000 Black Muckster II Low Insulated Boot

Muck Boots: Women's M2LW 000 Black Muckster II Low Insulated Boot

We all remember wearing water shoes as children.

Whether it was down at the beach or when playing in and around the pool, our parents wanted our feet protected from cuts and scrapes and for us to have good traction on wet surfaces such as wooden decks or rocks.

Now, Muck Boots has on their product line what might be termed an ‘adult’ water shoe for women: the ~Muck Women's M2LW 000 Black Muckster II Low Insulated Boots.

Specifically designed with a high-traction rubber outsole that provides excellent grip on slick surfaces, this easy-to-slip-on low-cut boot performs exceptionally well in most wet conditions. The synthetic rubber, neoprene insulation protects you from mud, puddles, and the salt water, and the exceptional traction makes the transition from land to water and back again as seamless as one would expect. If you happen to be with your small children down at the water’s edge, the flexibility of the M2LW 000 style will adapt to your movements and the contours of your feet while you walk, bend, and crouch.

It’s also extremely easy to clean out any dirt and debris from the rubber outsole, which helps to maintain the Muck waterproof boot’s high-performance traction.

While you’re clearly going to be wearing this model of Muck Boots around water, it’s also designed to provide comfort in the moist conditions. Made with a breathable inner mesh lining, excessive perspiration will be limited, and you’ll experience improved comfort in warm weather.

Perhaps the best part about this insulated work boot is that its use is not limited to warm-weather activities, and in other conditions it’s effectively 100% waterproof. The M2LW 000 is an amazing rain shoe, too, as the snug closure around the ankle prevents rain from seeping inside, and you’ll be protected from splashing mud and puddles. Snow and sleet also don’t present any difficulties, as the traction system prevents icy slippage while the synthetic rubber neoprene keeps your feet warm - it provides comfort and protection over a wide range of temperatures. In fact, the Muckster IIs have a comfort range of sub-freezing up to 65°F. The 4mm Neoprene booties add comfort and performance, as does the Comfort Topline.

Women who home garden and even walk dogs for a living rave about this form-fitting boot. Whether you’re dealing with wet streets, walking around a swampy pond, crossing over wet grass, or working down in the loam or mud, this version of Muck Boots is the go-to design for just about any outdoor activity.

Remember that taking care of your feet is always critically important. Shoes that don’t fit properly, the potential for accidents, and the overall health of your feet can contribute to problems that will affect you in later life. The Muck Women's M2LW 000 Black Muckster II Low Insulated Boots addresses all of that and allows the wearer to have the peace of mind in knowing that they're prepared for any and all kinds of wet conditions.

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Shoe - Slip On
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant