Muck Boots: Women's OAW 1PLD Black Gum Plaid Originals Ankle Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's OAW 1PLD Black Gum Plaid Originals Ankle Boot

Muck Boots: Women's OAW 1PLD Black Gum Plaid Originals Ankle Boot

Right out of the box, these ~Women's OAW 1PLD Black Gum Plaid Originals Ankle Boots from Muck Boots feel good.

They look good, too. If someone in the house is in the market for a new pair of light duty outdoor boots, these might be just the ticket.

Surprising a significant other with a pair of these stylish Muck work boots could be the perfect gift for their outdoor pursuits. These come with a back loop for easy-on, easy-off, they’re flexible and form-fitting, and they’ll look so nice that there’s even a chance that the wearer won’t want to get them dirty. You may even discover that they’re just plain fun to wear.

This product on the Muck Boots line will provide you with the best in comfort, traction, and performance.

When you’re spending money on a quality boot or shoe, the name of the game is always going to be comfort, first and foremost. The OAW 1PLD design delivers in a big way. It’s not in any way similar to typical, bulky, heavy work boots; these are light and flexible. It’s the footbed and the neoprene (synthetic rubber) outer layer that allows it to form to the shape of your foot and to provide that weightless feeling.

The footbed is nice and wide (making it a must-have for a those who may have slightly wider feet), making thick socks a comfortable addition in cold weather. It’s also made with molded polyurethane and a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort underfoot.

The inner part of this Muck style is also lined with a breathable bioDewix air mesh insert that provides antimicrobial odor and moisture management, keeping your feet fresh all day. The elite level of comfort is framed by a generous amount of room for both the toes and the heel.

As with all products on the Muck Boots line, these provide 100% durable waterproof protection and exceptional traction. Crafted without any seams, the OAW 1PLD prevents any water from leaking inside. The outer layer of the women's chore boot is wrapped in that soft, hand-laid and waterproof neoprene, and the tough outsoles and breasted heels provide the necessary grip for walking or working in wet conditions. They’re also great for handling the snow and ice, and your feet will stay warm and dry.

Whether you're working in a muddy yard, walking in the rain or on a slippery boat deck, or just out and about in cold, slushy conditions, the Muck Women's OAW 1PLD Black Gum Plaid Originals Ankle Boot is the perfect all-season footwear. Its sturdy and hefty design make it ideal for a wide variety of working conditions. For spring gardening to shoveling the driveway, this will be your go-to boot.

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Pull On
Padded Collar
Odor Control

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant