Muck Boots: Women's OAW 900 Brown Originals Waterproof Ankle Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's OAW 900 Brown Originals Waterproof Ankle Boot

Muck Boots: Women's OAW 900 Brown Originals Waterproof Ankle Boot

Yes, these ~Muck Women's OAW 900 Brown Originals Waterproof Ankle Boots are made for workin’.

But they don’t have that ‘utility’ look.

The OAW 900 Originals have a definite sense of style to them.

As one customer puts it, “They’re exactly what I wanted. They make doing chores a lot easier on your feet, and they fold down for an ankle style that’s super cute.”

What more can a person with a number of different outdoor pursuits ask?

When you purchase a pair of these Muck women's boots, you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. This waterproof ankle footwear delivers high-quality comfort, traction, and performance.

A worker won’t just ‘wear’ these Muckers in sloppy conditions; they'll ‘experience’ the comfort and convenience that they provide. That experience starts with the ease in taking them on and off that’s supplied by the handy back loop. There’s also plenty of room at the top to tuck in the cuffs of your pants, too, if needed.

When it comes to a good outdoor work boot made to handle the outdoor elements, comfort is always the first thing to consider. The OAW 900 design delivers that and more. A light and flexible style, it’s the unique footbed and the neoprene (synthetic rubber) outer layer that allows it to both conform to the shape of your foot and to provide that feathery, spongy feeling.

The wide footbed is made with molded polyurethane and a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort underfoot. In colder weather, there’s plenty of room for wearing a pair of thick socks, and the top of the weather-ready ankle has a little extra room if you happen to have slightly larger calves.

The inner part of this Muck women's footwear is also lined with a breathable bioDewix air mesh insert that provides antimicrobial odor and moisture management, keeping your feet fresh all day. Air is allowed to move freely throughout the design, and that clammy feeling that comes from perspiration around your feet is more than minimized.

As with all products on the Muck Boots line, these provide 100% durable waterproof protection and exceptional traction. The outer layer is wrapped in that soft, hand-laid and waterproof neoprene, making it built to provide elite grip in all kinds of wet conditions: rain, mud, snow, or ice. The thick soles are crafted to furnish your with a tread that gives you confidence underfoot.

Whether it’s gardening, taking on the slippery, rocky conditions of an early morning spring or fall hike, or tromping through the woods with the dog, a pair of Muck Women's OAW 900 Brown Originals Waterproof Ankle Boots should be the pair that you reach for first. A combination of lightweight design and sturdy craftsmanship make it the only choice for you to handle fearlessly any and all outdoor elements. Order your pair today from Working Person's Store!

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Pull On
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant