Muck Boots: Women's OLW 600 Berry Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's OLW 600 Berry Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

Muck Boots: Women's OLW 600 Berry Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

If there’s anything for which the Muck Boots line of footwear is known, it’s simply this: style and durability.

The ~Muck Women's OLW 600 Berry Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot is certainly no different. For the person with a variety of outdoor pursuits, projects, and activities, this is the weather-ready work boot that grips the ground and provides confidence underfoot while you gets things done - and you’ll look good while doing it.

Similar to all other Muckers, this Berry Original boot delivers style and elite levels of comfort and performance.

Most work footwear is built for practicality. They’re lace-up work boots, after all, so they’re designed for punishment and wear and tear. The OLW 600 is just as well made to handle the elements, wet conditions, and a hard day’s work, but as many customers have commented, “They’re super cute and comfy, too.”

This version of the Muck Boot lends itself to fit and comfort from the moment you put it on to when you take it off. The easy-on, easy-off nature is aided by a convenient rear loop that allows you to slide it on and off with ease. The waterproof Muck boot itself is wrapped in soft, hand-laid neoprene (synthetic rubber) that aids in the design’s flexibility and in its ability to shape itself to the contours of the foot. Even in very cold weather, that soft and relaxed flexibility lasts throughout the day.

Whether you're working, walking, or out and about in the winter, you’ll want your feet snug, protected, and happy. The unique design of this Mucker original doesn’t merely deliver comfort; it’s evenly distributed.

The soft footbed is where it starts. They’re made with molded polyurethane and come with memory-foam top covers for maximum comfort underfoot. The inner part of the slip-resistant outdoor boot is also lined with an antimicrobial top cover insert that manages odor and moisture. Perspiration that typically builds up over extended periods is minimized, eliminating that wet, cold, and clammy feeling. Your feet will be fresh, warm, and dry all day.

For an individual with a slightly wider foot, it’s that flexibility that provides some extra room and makes it a great fit, even with extra-thick winter socks. They’re great roomy women's work boots.

Just like all Muckers, this one is built to handle wet outdoor conditions. That hand-laid neoprene provides 100% waterproof protection, and there are no open seams that allow any water to seep in.

The best part of this pair might just be the confidence underfoot that it provides, whether walking in rain, snow, or mud. These are made with durable outsoles and breasted heels that together provide great traction. Given that they look good and are made to handle the weather and elements of every season, they might just be a must-have and go-to pair for a postal service worker.

Built for long-lasting wear, the Muck Women's OLW 600 Berry Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot is an excellent option for the person who spends much of their time outdoors. Order your pair today - right here at Working Person's Store! 


Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Waterproof Construction
Removable Footbed
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Removable Footbed