Muck Boots: Women's OLW 800 Sunflower Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's OLW 800 Sunflower Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

Muck Boots: Women's OLW 800 Sunflower Original Waterproof Lace Up Boot

When it rains, it pours.

When it pours, it’s usually a great day to walk the duck.

Or, in your case, take a walk in the muck.

From the moment you take the ~Muck Women's OLW 800 Sunflower Original Waterproof Lace Up Boots out of the box, you’re going to love them. The look, craftsmanship, and solid, sturdy feel will practically have you breaking into a rain dance. Anything that the elements can dish out will be a great chance to take them out for a test drive.

Whether it’s rain, snow, mud - or sloppy muck - the OLW 800 handles it with ease. This product from the Muck Boots line is an all-season boot and great for any outdoor activity that requires sure footing and a strong grip in wet conditions: working in the yard, on the farm, or in the garden; hiking on slippery terrain or walking in the rain; even when you’re shoveling snow, you’ve got confidence underfoot and your feet are warm and protected.

These waterproof lace up boots provide dependable style, comfort, and performance.

Not only are you going to love the experience of having these Muck outdoor boots wrapped around your feet, but you’re also going to love the way they look. They’re hardy enough for the outdoors but stylish enough to wear out with friends after work. The sturdy working look is complemented by soft booties exposed at the collar that make just enough of a statement and provide an extra level of comfort.

Supreme comfort comes in the form of flexibility, the footbeds, and freshness.

These Muckers are wrapped in soft neoprene (synthetic rubber) that allows for a form-fitting flexibility that both molds itself to the contours of the foot and holds up even during the cold winter months. The footbeds are made with molded polyurethane and topped with memory-foam top covers that offer supreme comfort underfoot. The inner part of the women's Sunflower yellow boots also comes with an antimicrobial insert that manages odor and moisture throughout the day. 

Simply put, your feet will be snug, cozy, fresh, and dry - and with the light neoprene and polyurethane around and under your feet, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

Of course, it goes without saying that any Muck Boot is 100% waterproof, and this one is no exception. That synthetic rubber outer layer keeps water, mud, and slop away, and there are no open seams that allow any water to seep inside.

Finally, this Original design delivers serious traction. The solid and durable outsoles, together with breasted heels, provide the grip necessary for nearly any kind of slippery condition and the confidence that goes along with it.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors - especially when and where it’s wet - then this is the must-have women's weather-ready footwear. The Muck Women's OLW 800 Sunflower Original Waterproof Lace Up Boots are great for the slippery conditions of fall, the cold and wet of winter, the moist and dampness of spring - even in the summer, they’re great to slip on if you're in and around the wet areas of a pool. Considering the years of tough wear-and-tear you’ll get from these, and order your pair today from Working Person's Store.


Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Removable Footbed
Padded Collar
Moisture Wicking, Odor Control

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant
  • Removable Footbed