Muck Boots: Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boot

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Muck Boots: Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boot

Muck Boots: Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boot

The ~Muck Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boot is the ideal, more modern and much more effective way of keeping your feet comfortable, warm, and dry. The taupe coloring even gives this Mucker a real ‘work boot’ look and feel. Not only are these great practical boots, but they also have style.

Most of us remember the winter days of our childhood. It was a time when we could have a great time being out and about in the snow, slush, and muck with our friends. There was, however, one drawback:

Our mothers forcing us to wear those clumpy, boot-like galoshes, either to school or out to play. Even worse was the prospect of having to wear rubbers to cover our shoes.

Nowadays, there are newer methods of protecting your feet and shoes from wet and messy conditions, such as waterproof and transparent rain shoes - which, to be honest, make your regular shoes look as though they’ve been packaged in a sandwich bag.

Instead, keep your feet warm and dry with the Muck OMW 901 design. It's great because it offers elite fit and comfort, performance, and traction.

People who’ve worn this waterproof style rave about the comfort and fit. It starts with the easy-on, easy-off quality, which is aided by the convenient rear loop at the back. The soft, hand-laid neoprene (synthetic rubber) outer covering is flexible enough to conform to the contours of the typical foot and to remain that way, even in the extreme cold and icy conditions of winter. 

The soft footbed is specially designed for light, cushioned comfort. It’s made from molded polyurethane and is topped with a layer of memory foam for maximum ease. There’s even a bioDewix anti-microbioal insert that controls odor and moisture that allows her to be fresh and dry throughout the day.

Excessive sweating inside the women's pull-on boot is minimized.

As far as performance goes, where do you even start? It may be a lightweight outdoor boot, but it packs the toughness for any outdoor activity that involves rain, snow, ice, slippery conditions, mud, or muck. This version of the Muck Boot can be worn for work, outdoor activities, or even out with friends after a day’s work - the specific appearance sees to that. Of course, as with any Mucker, it’s 100% waterproof. That neoprene outer layer keeps the rugged design sealed, and there are no open seams that might allow water to seep into the interior.

Your feet are snug, warm, and dry. Simply put: they’re happy.

Finally, if you’re going to be out and about in messy conditions, the most important thing you’ll need in any waterproof footwear is great traction. The Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boot has it. Made with a durable outsole and breasted heels, these give you the hard grip necessary that provides  confidence and sure footing. Everything you want and need in your women's mid-height footwear is here in the Mucker OMW901.

So, whether you’re working in the yard, gardening, walking in the rain, or out for an early-morning hike in slippery and rocky conditions, this is the Mucker you’ll want to pull from your closet. To do so, be sure to order your very own pair of Muck Women's OMW 901 Taupe Originals Pull On Mid Waterproof Boots from Working Person's Store today!


Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Removable Footbed
Padded Collar
Anti-Microbial, Moisture Wicking, Odor Control

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant
  • Removable Footbed