Occunomix Bandanas: Miracool 932 BL PVA Cooling Blue Bandana

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Occunomix Bandanas: PVA Miracool Blue 932 BL Cooling Bandana

Occunomix Bandanas: Miracool 932 BL PVA Cooling Blue Bandana

When it gets hot, we often think about taking layers off to stay cool. But with the ~Occunomix Blue 932 BL Miracool PVA Cooling Bandana, it’s all about what you put on.

This blue bandana is made from lightweight PVA material that provides instant cooling relief. PVA is a synthetic material, known as Polyvinyl Alcohol. This is a lightweight, super absorbent material which is reusable. Sounds great, but how does it work? There’s nothing complicated about using this Occunomix bandana. Simply soak the it in water, and then it’s ready to wear.

Reusable and easy to recharge, simply place the cooling wrap in its own slide lock bag, and pour a bottle of water on it to make it ready to use again. It’s no secret that you’re hot and sweaty, or you wouldn’t need a Miracool bandana. This PVA bandana is machine washable to keep it smelling fresh and looking new. The adjustable slit closure makes it super easy to get on and off, too.

Heat stress is a very real hazard for anyone working in high temperatures. The Occunomix accessory helps to reduce the cause of heat stress. This threat can induce numerous heat-related disorders, such as heat stroke, exhaustion, heat rash, and even cramps. Heat stress isn’t just a concern for those who work outdoors. It can affect those working in warm indoor environments such as factories, bakeries, kitchens, refineries, and boiler rooms.

Wearing more can help you feel like you’re wearing less. Get an Occunomix Blue 932 BL Miracool PVA Cooling Bandana from Working Person's Store, and keep cool today!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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