Occunomix Sweatbands: Miracool 935 BL Snap-On 5-Pack Hard Hat Sweatbands

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Occunomix Sweatbands: Snap On Hard Hat 5 Pack Miracool Cooling Blue 935 BL Sweatband

Occunomix Sweatbands: Miracool 935 BL Snap-On 5-Pack Hard Hat Sweatbands

Maybe someone forgot to put in the lunch order. Maybe the boss wants you to re-do an entire project. This things happen. But when the going gets tough on the job site, cooler heads always prevail. They keep the hot heads from going to pieces. If you want to literally keep your head cool, grab a pack of these ~Occunomix 935 BL Blue 5-Pack Miracool Cooling Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatbands.

To keep you comfortable on the job site, Occunomix has developed these patent-pending snap-on sweatbands. Since they easily attach to hard hat suspensions, they make keeping cool a snap. Also important to note, Occunomix offers them in 5-packs, so you won't run out of Miracool sweatbands when your buddies ask to borrow one. Conveniently, these Occunomix sweatbands are reusable and machine-washable. You'll get a lot of head-cooling mileage out of them!

The secret to these blue sweatbands' cooling power is the hydrophilic Polyvinyl Alcohol material. That means it absorbs and retains water mcuh better than other materials. The answer is evaporation. Just soak these PVA sweatbands in cool water, and snap them in your hard hat. As the water evaporates, it cools you. Since PVA holds so much water, it evaporates slowly and consistently, keeping you much cooler than if you used a normal cotton towel or washcloth to cool your head. It's also less messy than upending a bucket of ice water on your head (...unless you've just won the World Series, then go for it).

These cooling sweatbands are also rated at UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. They also come with a large, easy-to-transport, resealable bag, which is perfect if they're still damp after your shift.

Keep cool - literally - on the job site with Occunomix 935 BL 5-Pack Miracool PVA Cooling Snap-On Hard Hat Blue Sweatbands.

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