Occunomix Accessories: Miracool 972 Cotton 3-in-1 Cooling Pad

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Occunomix Cooling Pads: 972 Miracool 3 in 1 Cotton Cooling Pad

Occunomix Accessories: Miracool 972 Cotton 3-in-1 Cooling Pad

Stop working up a sweat and keep yourself cool in the scorching heat with this ~Occunomix 972 Miracool 3-in-1 Cotton Cooling Pad. This cooling pad can be used in various ways. It cools your skin, gives you shade and prevents getting overheated.

The patent-pending design is manufactured to be multifunctional, because you are the definition of a multitasker. The versatile Occunomix pad is crafted with 100% natural cotton material, which is a fabric airy and soft.

The rust-proof magnetic tabs can be used to attach this cooling pad to your hard hat, so it can be used as a hanging shade or a soft pad. You can also secure it to your clothing, like the inside of a safety vest, to keep your body temperature down.

The cooling pad only needs to soak in water for 10 to 20 minutes, making an efficient way to stay cool. This Miracool pad is also reusable up to a thousand times, so you'll stay cool for quite awhile once you have this by your side - or on your head. It's much better than wearing a bulky cooling vest, and you'll have three different options for how to wear it.

Beat the heat with this Occunomix 972 Miracool Cotton Cooling 3-in-1 Pad, before the hot weather beats you. Order yours from Working Person's Store today to stay cool!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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