Occunomix Accessories: Vulcan V350 Hard Hat Chin Strap

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Occunomix Accessories: Hard Hat Chin Strap V350 Vulcan

Occunomix Accessories: Vulcan V350 Hard Hat Chin Strap wear a hard hat to protect your head at work, right? But do you secure your hard hat to your head with a chin strap? If not, you're creating a potential hazard for those who work below. This ~Occunomix Vulcan V350 Hard Hat Chin Strap is made to secure your hard hat in place. Yep, OSHA says so. And, in fact, OSHA requires employers to provide work chin straps for the protective helmets worn by employees working at higher elevations, whether in an aerial lift or at the edge of a pit.

Think about it. Your protective hard hat can fall off for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re working in windy conditions, maybe you’re working at an odd angle, or maybe you simply bump into something or someone and off it comes. It’s easy for head gear of rigid material to become dislodged, and when that happens, you're putting both yourself and those around you at risk.

The problem is easily solved with the Occunomix Vulcan chin strap, a 3/24-inch wide detachable and dielectric accessory for your workday. The Vulcan 350 is manufactured for durability and comfort with 100% Spandex, and the buckles and fasteners are plastic for a lightweight and durable design.

This particular hard hat chin strap works with V100, V200, VF100, and VF200. It’s not compatible with VCB100 or VCB200.

So quit taking unnecessary risks. Depending on your working conditions, your employer may be required to provide a chin strap like the Occunomix Vulcan V350, but even if your personal situation doesn’t require it, you’ll help keep yourself as well as those working around you safer.

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